Welcome to DayBreaks! (If you have previously received DayBreaks via email, please don’t be confused by the blog title here of “DayBreaks Devotions” – we couldn’t simply use the “DayBreaks” designator because it was already taken in WordPress.)

DayBreaks began on June 1, 1997 as a Christian email devotion sent to subscribers who requested to receive the devotions on Monday – Friday to help provide some Christian input into the ordinary, everyday work world.

Most of the DayBreaks devotions are generated by Galen Dalrymple, a former church planter/minister located in California, but now the Field Curriculum Coordinator for Medical Ambassadors International (www.medicalambassadors.org), an non-profit, 501.c.3 organization that uses education and training to help needy people overseas and in the United States become self-reliant rather than depending on others to solve their issues for them.  On occasion, others contribute to the blog, but most of the musings (and certainly any blame that is appropriate!) is that of Galen alone.

We hope that you’ll feel free to share DayBreaks with your friends and to invite them to subscribe.  You can subscribe by clicking on the “Sign Me Up” button and entering your email address when requested.  Whenever a new post is available, you will automatically be notified and you may then click on the link to see the post.

‘Nuff said!  Now…go and subscribe so you can read each new post at your leisure!

Galen Dalrymple

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Galen was born in Iowa and has since lived in Florida (twice), North Carolina, California (thrice), Maine,  and Georgia.  He lives with his wife and dog, and has 3 grown and married children and five beautiful grandchildren.

Galen spent nearly 24 years in the high tech world with nearly 20 years in various levels of management.  He has worked in full-time ministry work for 12 years.

His hobbies include photography, golf, reading, music, movies, dogs and his family!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Galen,

    we came to your blog in an unusual way. My name is Gisela Bosch and I am working with a team on a way to facilitate the Equipping of our Church. One of the steps is creating the logo and when we were looking for things with hands on the world your image was the one that everyone liked best. We were looking to purchase a stock photo. Is your image available somewhere and would you be opposed to us using it?

    Greetings from a wintery Michigan,


    • Hi, Gisela! Do you recall what particular blog post that was which you were interested in? If you can tell me which one had that image, I can see if I can tell you where I got it. I’d be happy to try to help you get your hands on it!

  2. I am looking forward to reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences from our Israel pilgrimage! Glad that the Lord saw fit that we were both part of that group!

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