DayBreaks for 4/22/14 – Promising, But Alas…

DayBreaks for 4/22/14 – Promising, but Alas…

Do you recall this NT story of Jesus and the disciples? The disciples come upon a fig tree which was flourishing with a burst of leaves. Jesus went to the tree and looked among the leaves, but found no figs. It is the nature of the fig tree to get its fruit before the leaves, so Jesus had an expectation of finding fruit!

This is an illustration of the age-old story of promise without fulfillment. Charles Lamb shared an anecdote about a certain man in whose life, he said, there were three stages. When he was young, people said of him, “He will do something.” As he grew older and did nothing, they said of him, “He could do something if he tried.” Towards the end of his life they said of him, “He might have done something, if he had tried.”

That could be the epitaph of too many Christians…and too many churches.  What will your epitaph say?  What will God say of what you did with the potential that He created and placed inside of you?

PRAYER: Father, teach us to eagerly pursue living up to all the amazing potential you have placed in each and every one of us, and help us to encourage others to live up to the potential that you created in them, too! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 5/3/11 – An Unused Heart

DayBreaks for 05/03/11 – An Unused Heart

A failure of the heart...

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. – Psalm 19:14

As a young Iowa farm boy, my early childhood hero was Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees.  I was too young to know about his struggles with alcohol and all the other temptations that pro athletes often succumb to.  In my mind, he was my hero.

In her biography of the pro baseball great Mickey Mantle, Jane Leavy recounts comments from Mantle’s last press conference on July 11, 1995. Mantle had been an alcoholic.  It was a standing-room-only conference. His comic timing was still acute, but the robust physique, the Popeye muscles, and the untroubled face of American plenty were gone. His track suit hung on his desiccated frame …. He looked like death.

“God gave me a great body and an ability to play baseball,” he said. “God gave me everything, and I just … pffft!” What would be remembered most was the anguished plea to children: “I’d like to say to the kids out there, if you’re looking for a role model, this is a role model. Don’t be like me.”

A reporter asked Mantle if he had signed a donor card. “Everything I’ve got is worn out,” he said. “Although I’ve heard people say they’d like to have my heart … it’s never been used.”  –  Jane Leavy, The Last Boy (HarperCollins, 2010), p. 374

God gave us hearts and intended for them to find something to commit themselves to, to love, to surrender and be mastered by.  While we may be drawn to a hobby or a sport, what He really wants from us is to that we use our hearts to love Him and love our other humans.  Loving them doesn’t mean just having warm fuzzies – it means doing what is best for them in all situations.  What is best for God?  Obviously, He wants our love…but is there a better way to make a Father happy than to love His other children and treat them with honor, dignity and respect?  Can there be a greater way to demonstrate love for the Father than to help His other children get home after being lost?

When I reach the end of my days, as the Mick did, I don’t want to have a corner of my heart left unused, let alone all of it.  We must let the plight of others not just touch our hearts, but break them until we start acting as the Father Himself would act if He were in our place.

PRAYER: Soften our hearts, Father!  We are so barraged by tragic news that we grow immune to it and our hearts are calloused and hardened.  May we use our hearts fully and love You more than anything else!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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