DayBreaks for 9/14/16 – Trophies of Grace


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DayBreaks for 9/14/16 – Trophies of Grace

What comes to your mind when you hear the words, “Salvation Army”?  Do you think of Christmas bell-ringers?  Do you think of dark uniforms and people who are working with drunks and homeless?  Do you have a good impression, a positive image? 

The man who started the Salvation Army was named William Booth.  He decided to form a church in the East London area, a down-and-out section of the city.  There were few, if any churches in that area, and what churches were there didn’t accept the kind of people who lived in that part of the city.  William Booth called those people “trophies of grace.”  When he looked at the people of East London, he wasn’t repulsed, but moved with compassion, motivated by Jesus’ love. 

When you think about the trophies of grace, you might be tempted to think of Billy Graham, mother Theresa, the apostles, or the pastors of mega-churches who write best-selling books.  And that would be correct – they are trophies of grace.  But let me suggest that they are no more “trophies of grace” than the dying beggars that mother Theresa ministered to who accepted Christ.  Every one who comes to believe in Jesus is a trophy of grace.

William Booth understood something that very few people in history have understood: God’s grace, like a stream of living water, flows downhill to the lowest place it can find.  There will be few of the great and mighty men and women of history who will someday stand before the throne and hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  They never considered themselves servants of anyone – they never bent the knee before Christ.  But the waiting room of heaven will be filled with the poor, the destitute, the outcasts of the world who were not too proud to bow.

Everyone that we meet in heaven will be there because they are one thing, and one thing only: trophies of God’s grace.

PRAYER:  Help us, Father, to learn to be grace-filled people.  Thank you for your grace that abounds to us, that you’ve poured out upon us.  We are amazed that you love us and think of us as treasures worthy of the price of the blood of your Son.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

PRAYER: Jesus, I want my life to be something that attracts people to you because they see something irresistible inside of me that they, too, will want. Let it never be about me, though, but always about you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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