DayBreaks for 7/25/16 – The Most Important Trash Can

DayBreaks for 7/25/16 – The Most Important Trash Can

No matter where you go in Disneyland or Disney World. They are everywhere. No, I’m not talking about families or smiling faces or Mickey Mouse ears. I’m talking about garbage cans. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll find one approximately every thirty feet or so.  Do you know why?

If you think it’s just because there is so much trash in Disney’s confines, you’d be right…but that’s not why. Walt Disney himself is responsible for the fact that they are about 30 feet apart. You see, Walt reasoned that is took someone about 30 steps to eat a hot dog from start to finish, so about every 30 feet there is a trash receptacle waiting to receive the associated trash. In order to keep the place clean it was important to have enough garbage cans so people could get rid of their garbage frequently.

We, as humans, need to frequently unload our “garbage”, our sin. James puts it clearly: if we say we are without sin we are not – we are liars, which makes us sinners. Guilty…every last one of us. And we need to get rid of our garbage.

Fortunately, God has made it easy for us to do so…though at great cost to Himself. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us…(1 John 1:9). 

Do you know one of the things I’m so very grateful for about that verse? It doesn’t say “If we confess our sins and never ever commit them again He is faithful and just to forgive…”  If that were the grounds for our forgiveness, I would still be in my sin…and so would you. Oh, I understand the concept and importance of repentance, but I also understand the nature of my weakness. If my forgiveness were conditioned on my perfect repentance, it would be works and performance based. I’ve tried to live that kind of life and it is very discouraging.

Disney put his trash bins 30 feet apart. God has placed the confessional booth within reach of every single human being who wants to come to Him…and you don’t even have to walk 30 steps to get there!

PRAYER: Father, thank You for making forgiveness and salvation so easily accessible to us, even though it was far from cheap for You to do so. May we take advantage of the opportunity afforded us to come to You in confession and find Your faithfulness and justness on display! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 4/10/15 – The Last Garbage Truck

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DayBreaks for 4/10/15: The Last Garbage Truck

 From the DayBreaks Archive, 4/07/2005: 

We live in the country, about 5 miles outside of the town of Cloverdale, California.  It is peaceful and quiet and we have a view of the vineyards of California’s fabled Sonoma county out of our front window.  Living in the country is great, but it does have its challenges.  What happens if the well runs dry?  No city water here.  What happens if you need an ambulance?  You’ve got to wait longer than someone in the city – and those extra minutes can be the difference between life and death.  What about the septic tank?  It has to be pumped out every few years.  And what about garbage?  Many in the country life around us haul their garbage to the dump themselves about once a month.  Not me.  I’m pleased to say that there’s a garbage service that picks up our trash and hauls it off for us!  Of course, I have to get the trash cans down to the road so they’ll pick them up (about a quarter of a mile down a driveway with two hairpin turns in it), but as long as I have them there, they pick up the trash. 

One of the things that it seems pastors are always trying to do is find ways to save money and make their income go a bit further.  And so, I must say that we’ve thought about stopping our garbage collection and starting to haul our own trash to the dump.  But after checking into it, it doesn’t seem that we’d really save that much (especially now with gasoline hitting the $2.499 mark in town and the dump being about 20 miles away!)  Here’s the bad news: we can’t just stop creating “garbage”.  No matter how hard we try, there’s junk mail to be thrown away, food wrapping, paper towels from cleaning up after the puppy who still isn’t housebroken, egg shells, milk cartons and assorted other things.  Trash happens.

Our lives are often piled deep with trash.  We seem to not be able to stop creating trash.  Some of it may be thought trash, some may be language trash, some may be emotional trash – we all have all kinds of trash.  The good news is that none of our trash will follow us to heaven.  Whatever is broken in us will be healed.  Whatever is lacking will be supplied.  Whatever is dross will be removed.  We will have no trash left.  God’s new creation will have no trash!

The day is coming when my life will be trash free, when I will never again need a garbage truck.  When I will never again need to seek forgiveness, for sin will be no more.  That’ll be a great day!

PRAYER: Lord, we so look forward to the day that sin will be no more – either in ourselves, or in others!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

© 2015, Galen C. Dalrymple.

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DayBreaks for 06/07/11 – A God Who Does Not Discard

DayBreaks for 06/07/11 – A God Who Does Not Discard


It is amazing how much trash we Americans throw out.  Even the poorest of American families probably tosses aside more food in a day than many people have daily to eat!  We have specialized our trash pick-up services.  For example, in our neighborhood here in what should be sunny, warm California (where it’s still cold and freezing!!!!), we have gray, blue and green garbage cans.  The colors aren’t that way because people bought different color cans, but because the disposal company provides them for specific purposes.  Gray is for ordinary every-day household “trash.”  Green is for yard clippings and leaves.  Blue is for anything else that is recyclable (cardboard, glass, plastics).

It must be strange to be God.  He doesn’t have to discard anything.  He has the power to recycle everything no matter what kind of container it is put in.

Think about it and you’ll see that Scripture is the story of not how God discards things/people, but how God re-creates and re-makes things that are seemingly useless.  He didn’t discard Adam and Eve for their unfaithfulness, nor Noah or Abraham or Jacob of Isaac or Moses or David or any of the prophets.  He didn’t discard Peter after his denial, nor the sons of thunder for their ambition.

It is an amazing thing to follow a God who does not discard traitors.  If He did, no one would be saved!

PRAYER: Your patience and love towards us is incomprehensible, Lord!  We praise you for clinging to us, remaking us, and shaping us into vessels that can bring honor to you.  Thank you for not discarding us in our moments of rebellion for our traitorous actions.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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