DayBreaks for 12/02/13 – Bored With God

DayBreaks for 12/02/13 – Boredom With God

From the DayBreaks archive, 12/02/2003: (new Daybreaks will resume 12/3/13)

Would anyone be so bold as to say that they truly find God boring?  Certainly, no one would say such a thing to His face – and justifiably so!  If we could see God in all His majesty, power and glory, there is no one who would even think of saying that God is boring!  Winn Collier had a challenging insight about our spiritual lives that might suggest that even though we wouldn’t say out loud that we’re bored with God, that perhaps, we are, indeed, bored with him.

In Deeper Walk, he spoke about how at times he finds his spiritual life to be best described by the adjective numb.  Now such a word doesn’t inspire any of us to think of great and heroic spiritual deeds, but in a way, there’s a certain noble sounding ring to it.  In battle, soldiers get numb after fighting for extended periods of time without rest.  Someone who grieves the loss of a loved one often describe themselves as “numb”.  So we may be numb because we’ve fought the battle long and hard without respite.  We are weary, tired, numb.  And in that sense, it sounds honorable.

But, he continued, if he is honest, he must admit (as must I), that he really feels is not nearly that honorable.  It is not numbness that is brought on by heroic effort, but a much darker reality: the fact that he’s bored with God.

Do you think it doesn’t apply to you?  He writes: “You have been there – you want to pursue the Almighty, but all you can manage is a yawn.  You take a walk to pray, and the slightest distraction pulls you from the Throne.  You plan to use the quiet of your commute to commune with God; and within seconds, everything within you wants to flip on the radio.  You don’t care if all you can pick up is static – you just need the noise.  You can’t stand the quiet.  It’s boring.  Bored with God.”

Boredom with God is a very serious thing.  But what is it that causes boredom?  Collier suggests that what boredom really tells us is that something other than God has captured our fascination and attention.  Ouch.  That one hurt a bit, didn’t it?  So what should we do at such times?  We should NOT try to do more, to work harder or make more commitments to church work.  Those things aren’t really responses of the heart – but are mental assertions that we know we’re in trouble and we desperately are hoping that something – in this case, being busier for God – will erase the boredom.  Instead, we need to get back in touch with the God who romances us and whose love fires our imaginations.  Give yourself time and room to really listen anew to his amazing love story towards us.  Do as Mary did – sit at his feet listening to his incredible words, and be silent in his presence.  Don’t give up too soon.  If you persevere, the fresh wind of His Spirit will sweep over your soul again, as you regain your fascination with Him again.  And when that happens, boredom will be the last thing on your mind.

Psalm 89:6 (MsgB)  – “Search high and low, scan skies and land, you’ll find nothing and no one quite like God.”

PRAYER: Light a fire in our hearts, thrill us with Your majesty, and sweep through us in Your great power and wonder!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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