DayBreaks for 6/04/15 – At the End of Time

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DayBreaks for 6/04/15: At the End of Time

From the DayBreaks archive, 6/2/2005:

Among the many things I’ve done in life, some have been good while others have been bad.  There are things I’d like to do again because they brought happiness, joy and meaning.  There are others, however, that I wish I could undo.  I, like you, have some regrets.  Most of them are about pretty minor things.  When I was in my senior year of high school, an old school mate’s dad offered to pay for the gasoline and oil for his son and I to take a summer-long road trip all around the US.  I didn’t do it.  I wish, in retrospect, that I had.  I never learned much about how cars work – my dad was the one who could fix anything.  But now he’s gone, and I’m relatively helpless when it comes to fixing something on a car.  I think back to when my kids were little.  How many times did I tell them that when I got home from work that I’d take them to the park down the street so they could play on the playground equipment – only to fail to do it because I was too tired?  Now that’s a huge regret for me.  I regret the foolish, sinful things I’ve done in my past, too. 

One of the things that I think will be the very best about heaven is that we won’t have any more regrets.  When we get to heaven, sin will have been relegated to, at best, a distant and fading memory-if we remember it at all!  Forgiveness will no longer be necessary, and it, too, will go the way of the carrier pigeon and the dodo bird.  No more regrets.  Never again to do something that I will look back on with fear, shame or anxiety.  Never again will I promise something and fail to deliver on my promise.

While I look forward to many things about heaven, I think it’ll be wonderful to never again have anything to regret.

PRAYER: Thank You, Lord, for all we can look forward to at the end of life, and the end of time!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 11/16/11 – If Only

DayBreaks for 11/16/11 – If Only

If only...

No, don’t say that. Who are you, a mere human being, to argue with God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who created it, “Why have you made me like this?” – Romans 9:20

Two of the saddest words that can be put together in the English language are these: “If only…”  You know the drill and how it goes: “If only I had reconciled with my father before it was too late,” “If only I had never tried cocaine,” “If only I hadn’t given up my dream…”  Who among us hasn’t said “If only” at one time or another?  I know I have.

True story: there was a thirty-eight-year-old scrubwoman who would go to the movies and sigh, “If only I had her looks.” If she heard a singer she’d moan, “If only I had her voice.”

One day someone gave her a copy of the book, The Magic of Believing. She stopped comparing herself with actresses and singers. She stopped crying about what she didn’t have and started concentrating on what she did have. She took inventory of herself and her abilities and remembered that in high school she had a reputation for being the funniest girl around. She decided that rather than concentrating on her liabilities, she’d turn them into assets.  When she was at the top of her career Phyllis Diller, the former scrubwoman, made over $1 million a year. She wasn’t good-looking and she had a scratchy voice, but she could make people laugh.

The writer of Romans reminds us that God has a purpose for how He made us, and that we are in no position to bemoan how He formed us.

Maybe you’re a bit frustrated or you’ve been looking around at others with envy, thinking about how gifted and talented they are – and comparing yourself to them and getting down on yourself.  Turn your focus to what God HAS given you…He has given us all abilities, talents and skills, and He wants you to use them for His glory!

PRAYER: Your wisdom is beyond our comprehension.  Forgive us for questioning your wisdom in how you formed and made us.  Give us the ability to rejoice in what you have given and done for us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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