DayBreaks for 6/30/17 – The Hidden Possibilities

DayBreaks for 6/30/17: The Hidden Possibilities

From the DayBreaks archive, 2007:

Agostino d’Antonio, a sculptor in Florence, Italy, labored diligently but unsuccessfully on a large piece of marble.  After much effort and time, Mr. d’Antonio pronounced his verdict: “I can do nothing with it.”  But, rather than just throwing the large piece of marble out, other sculptors tried their hand at it at making something of the chunk of rock, but they too gave up the task.

For forty years that large slab of stone lay in a huge pile of rubbish, until one day, another sculptor was out walking and spied the stone.  He immediately gave orders to have the marble brought to his studio, and he began to work upon it at once – falling on it with the hammer and chisel, laboring to release the image within the stone.  Ultimately, his work and labor met with success.  From that seemingly worthless stone that had been cast into the rubbish pile, Michaelangelo carved one of the world’s greatest masterpieces of marble sculpture, the statue known to us as David!

What was it that made the difference between Agostino d’Antonio and Michaelangelo’s work on the same piece of marble?  The secret lay in the sculptor, not in the stone. 

As we look at the great men and women of Scripture, we might be tempted to draw contrasts with our own lives.  The lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Isaiah, Peter, Paul, Moses – they look like giants made out of granite.  They seem to tower over us and make our own lives seem small and significant by comparison.  Our lives seem to be full of disappointments while their lives seem bolder than life, full of color and vibrancy.  We see all that God has accomplished in them, and probably see little of what He’s done in our lives.  What is it that made such people so strong and great?  It wasn’t the nature of who they were.  It was all in the Sculptor who worked within them. 

The same Sculptor is at work in all those who have entrusted their lives to them.  What can we expect?  We can expect Him to produce a masterpiece out of your life because you know the quality of the work of the Sculptor, Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 44:24 (NIV) – This is what the LORD says– your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the LORD, who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself…

PRAYER: Thank You, Father, that You are trustworthy to make us and chisel away the dross to form us into the image of Your precious Son, Jesus.  May we yield to the hammer and chisel until we reach the design You have for us.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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