DayBreaks for 5/10/16 – Come to Me

DayBreaks for 5/10/16 – Come to Me

Matthew 11:28 (NLTse) – Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest…”

Sometimes the most profound things are easy to miss, aren’t they? We often look for thunderbolts, and I suppose that figures because they tend to get our attention rather clearly and suddenly. We like things that aren’t hard to miss and don’t like to have to look hard for those nuggets of truth, but there’s one in today’s verse.

Jesus’ statement is one of the most beloved in Scripture for good reason – we’re all weary, all carrying burdens…and all in desperate need of rest. So, what do we focus on in this verse? On the rest part, right? And that’s where we miss it.

The most important words in this passage are the first three words out of Jesus’ mouth: Come to me…

Think about what Jesus didn’t say: he didn’t invite us to come to a synagogue (or church), he didn’t invite us to come to a social or gospel meeting or even to worship. He didn’t invite us to come participate in some program or project. He invites us to come to him.

It is in Christ that we will find all we long for – and far more.

PRAYER: Jesus, I want to come to you. I accept your invitation. Thank you for inviting us into your very Presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 2/20/14 – Counting Dead Fish

DayBreaks for 2/20/14 – Counting Dead Fish

From the DayBreaks archive, dated 2/20/2004:

In YOUR GOD IS TOO SAFE, Mark Buchanan wrote: “Why do people get close to God?  Why do you?  When I subject my own motives to the sharpest and toughest scrutiny, I find, very often, that the God I’m looking for is the God who follows me – comes onto my fish boat, fills up my nets.  But I fear the God who becomes concretely personal in Jesus, who confronts me with a stark command, barren of option: Follow me.

“But what about all this stuff, Jesus – these boats and fish?  Why did you give me all these fish at this particular moment?  Why didn’t You ask me to follow You last night, when I hated my job, when I would have given anything for an excuse to walk away from it?  Why do You do that, Jesus?  Why get everything going my way and then ask me to forsake it?

“Follow me.

“Follow You where?

“Where I lead you.

“To do what?

“What I tell you.

“For how long?

“He doesn’t’ say, but we know he means forever.

“There’s only one certainty about this.  We know what we’ll get if we refuse: to sit on wet stones and count dead fish.”

Life is full of chances.  We take chances every time we go out to the store or go to work or school.  We take chances when we aren’t even aware that we’re taking chances.  Buchanan’s point is very well made: we may not know where Jesus is going to lead us specifically, nor for how long.  But what’s the alternative to going on a lifelong walk with him?  Being without him, that’s what.  He’s willing to leave us in our fishing boats, surrounded by wet nets, lives of quiet desperation, sure that there must be more but too paralyzed to take the chance to get out of the security of our little boats and go on an adventure with him.

What would you rather do: count dead fish or live a life filled with the miracle of His presence and power?

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PRAYER: Let us not grow content with counting dead fish, Lord, and forever regretting that we didn’t follow you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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