DayBreaks for 04/25/12 – Prayer and the Ceiling

DayBreaks for 04/25/12 – Prayer and the Ceiling

It certainly is a common enough phrase that “Sometimes it just seems my prayers can’t get past the ceiling.”  Why is that the case?  Because it is a common experience of nearly everyone I know who has ever prayed that there are times it seems that God just doesn’t hear – that our prayers never get out of the room in which we find ourselves, or that the ceiling is lead-lined and stops not only x-rays but prayers from passing through.

I’ve said it on more than one occasion.  It is difficult to pray when one feels as if God can’t hear you.  It’s maybe even worse to think that He won’t hear you or because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re such a horrible sinner that He doesn’t even want to hear you anymore.

I liked something I read today that was written by John Ortberg in the Spring 2012 edition of Leadership Magazine in an article called Fighting the Good Fight (I’ll share more from that article in the next few days).  Here was his observation: “People often speak of feeling frustrated that their prayers never make it past the ceiling. Of course, if the Spirit of God is present right here right now, they don’t have to make it past the ceiling—God is already on this side of the ceiling.”

As with most of our perceptions about God, our perception that He doesn’t hear our prayer is flawed.  There is no magical ceiling through which our prayers must pass, no level of holiness me must first reach before He will listen, no sin to great that will cause Him to turn from us when we are turning to Him in repentance.  In fact, He was in the room waiting to hear from you before you even thought about praying.

“God is already on this side of the ceiling.”  I like that.  I hope that if you’re in one of those times right now where it seems He is not hearing, you’ll remember He’s in the room with you…listening!

PRAYER: Forgive us for our weakness that makes us doubt Your desire to hear us, to listen to us, and to respond to our requests and cries, especially in those times which seem to be the darkest to us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2012 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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