DayBreaks for 07/09/12 – Dangerous Affinities

DayBreaks for 07/09/12 – Dangerous Affinities

It is relatively easy to be caught up in rumors on the Internet.  It has happened to me more than once.  It is interesting that there are even sites that exist (Snopes, Urban Legends, etc.) that debunk false rumors that go around.  Sadly, I find that many Christians are the quickest to be caught up in such things, especially when it concerns something that is strongly connected to our faith and practice (i.e., taking preaching off the airwaves, etc.)  We can fall in love with bad news and jump at the chance to spread it around without checking to see if it is true.

Ever hear about the dihydrogen monoxide hoax? It’s been around, but back in 1997 it got a lot of media when a 14-year-old student named Nathan Zohner circulated a petition to ban the substance as part of a high school science fair. According to Zohner, dihydrogen monoxide “may cause severe burns, accelerates the corrosion and rusting of many metals, and has been found in the excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.” Despite these risks, he further noted, the nefarious chemical is often used “as an industrial solvent and coolant, in the production of Styrofoam, and as a fire retardant.”

By now some of you have figured out that dihydrogen monoxide is the technical name for H2O, also known as water.

While this is rather humorous, it reveals an important truth: as humans, we can develop and strongly hold to a lot of misconceptions – some of which may be very dangerous because they are about familiar things that seem harmless.

Tragically, one of the “familiar things” that seem harmless to us is our own favorite besetting sin.  We are so familiar with it (because of our frequent engagement with it) that it seems harmless.  Other things might be selected from our culture – things that the culture sees as harmless (or even good!) which the Word clearly disapproves of.

We need to carefully watch our attitudes towards familiar things to be certain that we’ve not fallen in love with something harmful and hurtful.

PRAYER: Lord, we are so easily deceived, even self-deceived!  We are like sheep who so easily go astray and wander down the wrong pathways!  Keep us close to you, teach us your word that we might know your mind, the truth, and be set free from dangerous affinities we might be tempted to develop!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2012 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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