DayBreaks for 12/06/18 – God and the GPS

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DayBreaks for 12/06/18: God and the GPS

From the DayBreaks archive, November 2008:

From a sermon (“Choices”) by John Ortberg:

“I can’t live Jesus’ life and Jesus knows that, but he says: You can ask me to come and live my life in you.

“I’ll give you a picture of this. Nancy and I were in a part of the country we had never been before. We were going to be driving on obscure back roads, so we got a rental car, and the guy at the counter said to me, ‘Along with this car, if you want, you can also get a GPS system.’ Have you ever used a GPS system? You plug it in and punch in your destination. A woman’s voice will tell you how to get wherever it is you are going. Well, when the guy at the counter asked if I wanted one, my immediate response was, ‘No. That is going to cost something. I don’t need that. I can find where I’m going without that.’ Anybody want to guess what my wife weighed in with? ‘Get the GPS.’ So, we got the GPS.

“Here’s the deal: You can get the box. You can have the lady in the car, but that doesn’t mean you trust her. If you trust her, what do you do? You do what she says. You go where she tells you to go. She says, ‘Turn left,’ you turn left. If she says, ‘Turn left,’ and in your heart you think, ‘But I want to turn right,’  and then you remember, ‘There is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is death.’ Okay?

“To follow Jesus means I will do what he says. I will mess up a lot. I’m going to need his power. I know that, but I form the intention. I say to him, ‘God, with your help, as best I can, I will do what you say. I will give you my life, my time, my obedience.’

“Here is the thing: If that is not your settled intent, then it is best to be honest about it. If that is not your settled intent, then whatever else you might be, you are not a follower of Jesus. An admirer, maybe. But he is looking for followers. He is looking for somebody who will say, ‘All right, God.’

“There is something else you need to know about him—something that is also true when dealing with a GPS system. At one point when we were driving in this car, I was quite sure the lady was wrong. She said to go left, and I didn’t go left. I went right, because I knew she was wrong. Then as an interesting response, she said, ‘Recalculating route. When safe to do so, execute a U-turn.’ I knew she was wrong, so I unplugged her. That’s the beauty of that little box. You can unplug her.

“I got lost as a goose. My wife enjoyed that immensely.

“So we plugged that lady back in, and you know what she said? ‘I told you so, you little idiot.’ She said, ‘You think I’m going to help you now? You rejected me. You just find your way home by yourself.’ No—she didn’t say that. She said, ‘Recalculating route. When safe to do so, execute a U-turn.’

“Now see, that’s grace. As soon as you’re ready to listen, as soon as you’re ready to surrender, God will say, ‘Here is the way home. Execute a U-turn.’ That’s repentance. ‘I’ll bring you home.’ That is grace. That’s Jesus. He is the only one with authoritative wisdom about how to live. He is the only one who brings about the possibility of forgiveness for your sin and mine. He is the only one to give any kind of realistic hope of conquering death, of life beyond the grave.

“Why would you not give your full devotion to Jesus? He does not present himself as a good, spiritual teacher to be admired from a distance. He presents himself as Master, as Lord, as the one to be followed and served and obeyed and worshiped. There is no other way. He is it.”

PRAYER: For grace and mercy we thank You, Almighty and Eternal God.  Thank You for giving us direction.  Give us the wisdom to follow it faithfully!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 10/01/15 – Sleepy Devotion

DayBreaks for 10/01/15 – Sleepy Devotion

When are you most likely to get sleepy?  I know that when I’m driving on a long trip, the worst time for me to drive is the first couple of hours after lunch.  My belly is full (too full, most of the time!), the warm sunshine is pouring through the window, I am starting to get tired and I’ve already heard the news on the radio about 10 times, and I can’t find much to talk about (I’m a man of few words – except, as the congregation would tell you, when I’m preaching!) 

I also can get tired and sleepy in meetings.  Especially a meeting which is poorly run and seems to have no direction or real purpose.  Or, if it’s about something I really don’t care about.  In my previous career in the computer/data field, I have to confess that I sat through more meetings than a skunk has stink!  And, I often found myself nodding, not in approval, but with drowsiness!  I would shift in my chair from one side to the other, uncross my legs and cross them again, lean forward or back, force myself to take notes and all sorts of other ingenious activities to keep from falling on the floor in a loud snore.  Not good, I know.  But honest. 

Our devotion to God can get pretty sleepy, too.  If we think we’ve got it figured out already, or if we think “I’ve already heard from God.  What else is there that He could possibly tell me?”  Well…plenty.  The more willing I am to listen to God, the more He tells me!  And I’m afraid that I’m an unending project for God – the rest of you may “get it” as soon as the gates of heaven swing open for you, but I’m convinced that God’ll still be working on me 732 trillion years after I get there!!!!!

Frank Laubach said, “If you are weary of some sleepy form of devotion, probably God is as weary of it as you are.”  Good point.  If your Christianity is dull, boring and as interesting as an aimless, wandering, unimportant meeting, then you aren’t experiencing a God-centered relationship, or you’re cherishing sin in your heart.  Ask Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John, Peter, Paul, Mary, Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Job, Mary Magdalene, Dorcas or anyone else in Scripture if their life was sleepy because of the relationship they had with God.  I’m sure they, like us, had ups and downs where their devotion waxed and waned, but it would be hard to characterize the life of any one of those people as boring, unexciting, dull or sleepy!

When you stop to think about it, how could a life that is sold out to God be a boring life?  God never gets tired – and He’s a creative, energy-filled God who has plenty for us to do!  But the best part isn’t even the doing – it’s being with Him, becoming like the Lion of Judah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega – that’s exciting!

Don’t settle for a dull, boring journey through this life as a Christian.  Live it on the edge with God, and you’ll never get sleepy again!

PRAYER: Lord, lead us on in a great adventure with You, and renew us with the excitement of constantly being in Your Presence and walking with You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 10/26/11 – He Doesn’t Wear a Watch

DayBreaks for 10/26/11 – He Doesn’t Wear a Watch

It's about time...and devotion.

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. – Ecclesiastes 7:8

How many clocks do you have in your home?  Do you wear a watch?  Are you, like me, the proud owner of iPad, smart phone or other device(s) so you can keep your life’s schedule organized?  I’m afraid that we have an abundance of clocks and watches in our home.  I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.  Consider this writing from Calvin Miller in his book, Into the Depths With God:

“Time may be either the friend or the enemy of our surrender to Christ.  The Chinese sage summed up our clockish biographies in three words: hurry, worry, bury.  How often this trinity of words describes our surface churchmanship.  Church is so often the busiest of all madness.  We run from meeting to service and back again.  Exhausted by our frantic externalness, we collapse in bed at night, and for what?  Does our hurried religiosity cause us to lift up our eyes to our King?  Have we looked upon our small performance with spurious pride?  Have we signed over our small prayers and been satisfied?  All the while we know – deep in our hearts – there must be some deeper, more meaningful way to live for Christ.

“When we sum up our large professions and our little faith, we know we need to confess our spastic obedience to time.  ‘Lord Jesus, forgive us our hurry.  Help us to remember that across from hurry, worry, bury stands a loftier trio of words: cling, linger, and savor…Hurried Christians beget hurried disciples.  Hurried disciples become a hurried church – a hassled fellowship of disciples who serve the clock and call it God…Time itself must be surrendered to the pursuit of the depths of God.  God does not wear a watch.

I believe that one of the best things about heaven will be the lack of time as we know it.  Can you imagine not having to run off to some activity and instead finding yourself to be able to sit quietly at the feet of Jesus and listen to him speak?  Can you imagine being able to sit for eons and listen to the heavenly choir sing and not to have to worry about getting up to go somewhere and do something?

God doesn’t wear a watch and part of what we have to give to Him is our time.  You cannot develop a deep relationship with God without the investment of time.  Perhaps there is no greater gift that we can give Him than the time that He has blessed us with.

PRAYER: Slow us down, Lord.  Let us give you not just the best of our praise and worship, but the first portion of our time as well!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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