DayBreaks for 10/05/15 – Don’t Get Too Comfortable

DayBreaks for 10/05/15 – Don’t Get Too Comfortable

From the DayBreaks archive, 2015:

A year ago for my birthday, my wife and kids got me a hammock.  We live on the side of a hill that overlooks the world famous Alexander Valley – famous for the vineyards and wine that comes from the area.  I’ve got to tell you the truth – in the afternoon when there’s a nice breeze coming up from the valley, it’s VERY comfortable to lay out there in the hammock with the Bible or a good book and read.  In fact, it can be too comfortable – it’s too easy to fall asleep. 

I guess we were designed to like comfort and to be comfortable.  Given our druthers, most of us would rather be comfortable than uncomfortable.  (There are a few who would rather climb a 2000 foot vertical rock face instead of lay around in a hammock, but I’ve concluded that those people are probably crazy!)  One of the things that makes us comfortable is predictability.  When we know what to expect, we can relax because we aren’t worried about things that take us by surprise or that go bump in the night.   

While we may seek comfort (a relaxed, casual, non-alarmed state) I seriously doubt that God wants us to be that way.  Over and over again we’re cautioned to stay alert, be awake, be watchful, to keep our lamps trimmed and bright.  Why?  Because God is not the God of the comfortable.  We may even quote the verse about God being “the same yesterday, today and tomorrow” and we’d be right.  But there’s a big difference between what God is (His unchangeable nature) and the things that God may do.  A rather casual glance at Scripture shows us a God who is chock-full of surprises: He inhabits pillars of fire and cloud, sends an earthquake to shake up the complacent, sends windstorms so strong that they rend the very rocks, hails fire down from the sky, makes an animal talk to an abusive master, piles up the Red Sea like curtains and then surprised everyone by appearing as a baby in a manger who later on will die as a criminal on a cross.  If there’s one thing about God that’s certain, it’s this: you can’t really follow Him for very long and remain comfortable.  He’ll do something the stir you out of your lethargy.

Maybe you’ve been getting a little too comfortable.  You can do it by pulling back from any and all ministries, by not using your giftedness for the benefit of the Kingdom.  It’s easy to do – we all love an easy chair!  Just don’t get too comfortable.

PRAYER: Keep us from the mistake of thinking we know what You will do or when you will do it. Don’t let us grow fat and complacent with our relationship and walk with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DayBreaks for 12/30/11 – When Danger Is Remote

DayBreaks for 12/30/11 – When Danger Is Remote

Read the signs...and beware!!!!

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. 9 Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are. – 1 Peter 5:8-9

Danger has a way of prompting us to be alert and take action, whether the danger is real, or just frighteningly potential.  Consider this story, told by Mickey Anders, in Keeping Watch:

“Folks back in Arkansas have always been fascinated by the New Madrid Fault, which runs along a line from Memphis up through southern Missouri. Back at the turn of the century, that area suffered one of the biggest earthquakes to ever hit North America. In fact, the Mississippi River ran upstream for several hours.

“In the fall of 1990, a scientist predicted that another major earthquake would occur in the New Madrid Fault on Tuesday, December 4. His prediction gathered a lot of attention in newscasts, public assemblies and private conversations. People stowed away precious possessions, stockpiled groceries and kerosene, and learned how to shut off their gas and water lines. Schools and businesses announced that they would be closed that week and several residents temporarily left the area. On December 2, 1990, the First Sunday in Advent and two days before the predicted quake, churches were packed. Many people stayed awake all night on December 3. But December 4, 1990, passed with no tremor. Then December passed, and the winter. Flashlight batteries drained. Extra food spoiled or was consumed. Fuel tanks sat empty once more. The earthquake is still predicted to happen one day. When a crisis seems imminent, we have no trouble keeping alert and awake. But when the threat of danger seems remote, our eyelids grow heavy and we sleep.”

Have you seen the “great enemy”, the devil, the roaring lion today?  Is he hot on your tail?  Oh, if it were only so simple!  The roaring lion can roar, but he can also be silent and stealthy, sneaking up on us in ways that lull us to sleepiness…and then when it is too late we realize he has us right where he wants us, between his jaws.

Where is the greatest danger in your life coming from right now?  Is it an attitude of lax morality?  A cavalier attitude toward the poor and needy?  From listening to the ideas of man instead of the promises of God?  God’s advice to us, through the pen of Peter, is simply this: Stay alert!  Watch out!

Don’t let your guard down or you may find yourself in the lion’s belly before you even knew you were in danger!

PRAYER: Father, don’t let our eyes grow dull and heavy because we think danger if far from us!  Let us not think we are strong and can stand, for it is surely at those moments that we are most likely to overtaken by our great enemy!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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