DayBreaks for 7/3/18 – Light and Life

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DayBreaks for 7/03/18: Light and Life

From the DayBreaks Archive, July 2008:

This past week at our Vacation Bible School, one of the craft projects involved sunflower plants.  It was intended to illustrate the fruit of the Spirit that is patience.  Did you know that there are “motor cells” on the underside of the sunflower that cause the sunflower to track the sun as it moves across the sky, and those cells cause the plant to change the way it faces as the sun transits the heavens.  You see, sunflower plants are smart enough to track the sun (the technical word for such plants is heliotropes.)  As people we seem to have much more difficulty tracking the Son!

As I looked recently at John 1, I was struck again by these words: John 1:4 (NLT) – Life itself was in him, and this life gives light to everyone.  As I read verses 1-4 this time, I was reminded once again that the Word was already there in the beginning, that He was with God and He was God and that all things that exist were made by Him.  But the passage eventually arrives at the incredible statement in verse 4: Life itself was in him…  He didn’t get life from somewhere else.  If there is life, it exists because it comes from Him and no where and no one else. 

But what caught my attention this time was the last part of verse 4. …and this life gives light to everyone.  Now if you were to ask a biologist or botanist, they’d tell you that you need light first in order to have life.  But this verse says that even the light comes from the life that is in Christ.  If it is a question of the chicken or the egg, at least in this case we know the answer: life predates light.  The life that was in the beginning with God and which was God later spoke light into existence.

Jesus is life.  “I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE…”  He meant what he said!  “And in Him is no darkness at all.”

PRAYER: Lord Almighty, I long to see You in all Your glorious light.  I long to see the Life that became the Light of the world.  Thank You for life, and life abundant.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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