DayBreaks for 2/22/18 – Recovering from an Unusual Attitude

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DayBreaks for 2/22/18: Recovering From an Unusual Attitude

From the DayBreaks archive, February 2008:

I have some friends and Christian brothers who are retired airline pilots.  You don’t get to be a pilot without lots of hard work, intelligence and more than just a little nerve.  Consider this part of some pilot’s training:

When a pilot is learning to fly, there comes a point when they pile into the plane behind the controls and they take off – still with the instructor beside them.  They take the plane up to a good altitude and the instructor takes over, but not before putting a cloth bag or some kind of blindfold on the prospective pilot.  Once that is done, the instructor begins to take the plane up and over and around and virtually inside out – all with one purpose: to disturb the equilibrium of the student and get them disoriented.  After some barrel rolls, loop the loops and other acrobatic maneuvers, the pilot takes the plane up and up and up and then noses over into a suicide dive.  At that point, they remove the bag or blindfold from the student and give them back the controls.  His/her job at that point is simple, but very important: get the plane back under control before they smack into the ground.  The name of this exercise is “recovering from an unusual attitude.”

Much of our lives are spend in twists, turns, climbs and dives, and we can easily become disoriented and crash and burn.  We are blinded to many of the reasons and “wherefore’s” that affect us.  We know God has a plan, and we know the final outcome, but not the details – oftentimes, I’m convinced, we don’t even know the details as we are living them out day by day.  And it is imperative that we find our senses in the midst of the twisting and turning, climbing and diving.

Our attitudes play such a major role in how we view life and God.  What’s your attitude when you don’t understand where He’s taking you?  Are you prone to yell at him and get angry, or will you dig into His word, open your heart to his leading, and recover from your own unusual attitude?

PRAYER: May we learn to act graciously even when we don’t understand, and always to act in obedience and find our safety in You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

COPYRIGHT 2018 by Galen C. Dalrymple. All rights reserved.

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