DayBreaks for 6/14/17 – The Magnificent and the Mundane

DayBreaks for 6/14/17: The Magnificent and the Mundane

From the DayBreaks archive, 2007, from my wife’s India mission trip:

“It always feels so strange when I go to an India Trip meeting, when I first get home and then when I’ve been home a while.  When I’m at the meeting, the trip is everything around which life revolves.  I’m reminded of all the things I still have to get done, the little items I have to buy and how much time I have left to get ready.  When I come home I’m gung-ho and more than happy spending all my time on “India” related things. Then I get distracted with day to day/week to week chores, things at church or in the community that are going on.

“I do, after all, have to do my job; the stuff I’m obligated to do whether I’m paid for it or not.  I don’t want to, it feels like a distraction from what’s “really important”.  But I do it, of course.  The Relay for Life is this coming Saturday and a week and a few days after that is Vacation Bible Camp, and I have to have the music, words and hand motions ready for it.  The music for Sundays and the Chorus has to be practiced and planned.  Youth Group, Bible study, all the admin stuff I don’t really care for has to be attended or planned or taken care of it’s own way, not to mention housework, selling the house, etc.

“So much busyness and activity. So much that is “doing” and not “being”. I fall back into the routine and the India trip seems like a dream again.  

“Life revolves around duties and roles.  The grand adventure; the “quest”; the trip in which I hope to be used by God in such a wonderful way; the high and the noble is dulled by everyday routine.  I remind myself that everything I’m looking forward to with so much excitement and trepidation is only going to last sixteen days and then I’ll be  home again.  Back to the “same ol’ same ol’ things”.

“I don’t want it to be the same.  I want to come back changed.  I know it’s not about me.  It’s about doing Jesus’ work.  It’s about blessing because God has blessed me.  

“Why, when we know that He is here with us in the mundane day to day existence does it seem so, well, mundane?  Why, when we know that everyone matters to Him, the people here in town as well as the orphans in India, does it seem like such a letdown to come home?  I think it’s a matter of distraction and simply not seeing reality clearly.  I have a feeling that when we are in India where life and death is so naked and exposed; where hunger and need is so glaringly obvious what really matters will stand out in stark contrast to what doesn’t really matter.  When Galen and I came back from working in St. Bernard’s Parish, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina and heard someone complain about something petty and meaningless, we felt so disconnected from their vision of reality.  I want to remember what really matters after I get back from India.  I don’t want to get distracted with the “vanity of vanities, all is vanity”.  My prayer is that when I get back I will see clearly and never forget what is real.

Galen’s Thoughts: I remember well the bewilderment we felt coming back from Katrina.  It was unbelievable what some people complained about and the things they thought were important after seeing what we’d seen and meeting the people we met there.  Why was “home” so much of a letdown?  Because the need isn’t as visible – and certainly, the spiritual need is the same everywhere. We’d do well to remember C.S. Lewis who said that we’ve never met mere mortals.  Everyone we meet has an eternal destiny.  And each one we see, whether in Louisiana, India or Cloverdale, CA, has a spirit that needs what God alone can give.  Lewis’ said that if we could see one another as God sees us, either we’d be tempted to fall down and worship at the feet of those who are headed to glory, or to shrink back in horror at the fate of those headed toward destruction.  How desperately we need God’s vision to help us see the true needs all around us.

PRAYER: Father, I pray that You’d give us Your eyesight to see the need and the needy wherever we go.  Let us carry that cup of cold water with us and give it away freely wherever we go.  Teach us the value of the “mundane” and that there is no such thing in Your service.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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