DayBreaks for 1/27/17 – The Ends of the Earth Have Seen His Salvation

DayBreaks for 1/27/17: The Ends of the Earth Have Seen His Salvation

Psalm 98:3 (TNIV) – He has remembered his love and his faithfulness to the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of God.

We, like all of humanity before us, have tried our best to make God in our image, and when we read certain passages of Scripture, we can misconstrue them with great ease.  For example, when we read the first 3 words of Psalm 98:3 (TNIV), we would be tempted to think that the implication is that for a while, God forgot his love and faithfulness to the house of Israel.  Such is not the case.  God doesn’t forget anything.  When Scripture says that God forgives and forgets our sin, never to remember them against us again – it means that God will never bring them up against us again.  He still knows our sin – past, present and future.  He wouldn’t be Infinite if he were truly forgetful – even of things like sin.  And, with each lash of the whip, with each blow of the hammer upon the nails, our sins were embedded into the back, hands and feet of Christ.  It appears, based on Revelation 5:6, that even in heaven, the scars caused by our sins are visible upon the Lamb.  We talk about not being able to take things with us when we die, but Christ apparently took these “souvenirs” of his time on earth to heaven with him, perhaps to remind us throughout all eternity of the love that drove him to the cross.

But, what’s important in the passage above isn’t that God forgot our sins, but that he never forgets his love and faithfulness to his people.  How far does it extend?  To the ends of the earth.  What does that mean?  I think it may mean two things:

FIRST: physically, the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, has reached to all the ends of the earth.  North, south, east, west – all four points of the compass have heard of the glory of God, if by nothing other than the glory of the creation (Romans 1).  From the beginning, there has been a moral sense in mankind wherever he is found. 

SECOND: I can’t help but wonder if this verse isn’t speaking with the certainty of completed prophecy: God has decreed that at the time of the “ends of the earth” when the dead will rise and the great judgment scene takes place, the earth (mankind) will see the salvation of God for his beloved children.  All the wicked and hateful angels and people from all ages will stand in the judgment and see the salvation of God poured out upon those who through faith have accepted Christ, trusting in God for their deliverance.  What a scene that will be!  And we will all live to see it!

PRAYER:  Lord, we long for the day when You vindicate Your righteous ones, made perfect through the Lamb!  And our prayer, Lord, is that before that great and terrible day arrives, that whose who are lost at this moment will turn to Jesus in faith.  And on that day, may we be numbered with the faithful and fully see Your great salvation!!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2017 by Galen Dalrymple.

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