DayBreaks for 11/14/16 – Appropriate Downsizing

DayBreaks for 11/14/16: Appropriate Downsizing

From the DayBreaks archive, November 2006:

Downsizing.  It’s a feared term in businesses throughout the world.  It was one of those words that was created to make something very unpleasant sound a bit-less-unpleasant.  Basically, it means you are being laid off.  Businesses downsize when they don’t make their financial targets and the stockholders demand action to get back on track financially.  Before I went into the ministry, I participated in several downsizings…and by the grace of God, I was never downsized myself, but I did have to downsize my organization.  It was a tremendously painful experience for me to have to let people go – not because they weren’t doing a good job – but simply because the company needed to show better profits (or smaller losses.) 

The Bible talks a lot about downsizing, but in a different way.  For example, Christ voluntarily downsized himself by leaving His eternal glory behind and coming to the earth.  From the Word that created all creation to being a part of creation was a long journey!  The theological term for this is the “humiliation” of Christ.  Humiliation – did you get that?  How do YOU feel when you are humiliated? 

Louie Giglio mused a bit on this topic in I Am Not, But I Know I Am: “Pride is simply an admission that I haven’t seen God at all.  Humility is the instant rightsizing of me that occurs with just one eyeful of His majesty.  True humility (not the false kind that ends up being about us at the end of the day) is not a sign of weakness, failure, or inability, but rather a sign that we are getting to know God and have glimpsed His glory.”

I like that.  Far too often when we think about humility, we have the sense that it is something we must do ourselves – but the problem them becomes that if we are ever successful at achieving humility, we feel proud about it and then we aren’t humble!  But true humility – that is what happens when we see God as He really is.  In such a case, we don’t have to humiliate ourselves nor do we have to work to achieve humility.  Just seeing Him in a true way is all that is needed.  And we all need to be reminded of who we are, and Who He IS!

Philippians 2:3 (NIV) – Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

PRAYER: Father, when pride fills our hearts about something we’ve done, please let us glimpse Jesus.  Let us see His glory and be put into a proper sense of perspective that we may be truly humble before You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2016, Galen C. Dalrymple.  All rights reserved.


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