DayBreaks for 7/19/16 – One Old Man and a Boat

DayBreaks for 7/19/16 – One Old Man and a Boat

From the DayBreaks archive, July 2006:

I remember the story of Noah from my childhood.  I was fascinated, as nearly all children are, by animals.  I still love animals (okay, except definitely not rattlesnakes!)  To imagine being shut up on an ark full of animals for such a long period of time and to listen to the rainfall hammering on the roof was pretty heady stuff for a young boy’s mind. 

I love the stories of the Old Testament.  I get so wrapped up in them that sometimes I overlook the great meaning behind them – that they are more than just mere recitations of history.  For example, the story of Noah is about a lot more than just one man and a boat.

What should we learn from the story of Noah?  Well, there are probably lots of things:

  1. God will not tolerate wickedness indefinitely;
  2. God will judge the wicked;
  3. God will provide a way of escape for those who love and obey Him.

But I think that there are a couple more lessons in the story of Noah that we should think about as well.

Mankind has a strong bent toward self-destruction.  The men and women of Noah’s day were so wicked and twisted in their thinking and behavior that they refused to hear God’s Word.  They were headed toward destruction and even though they had a messenger from God telling them exactly what was going to happen, they didn’t care and they didn’t change.  They kept on marching to whatever appeared to be right in their own eyes. 

We’re really no different today.  We pursue what we want – even though God has already told us what the consequences will be.  And we have the free choice, as did the people of Noah’s day, to destroy ourselves.   I don’t hold to the theory that mankind is going to destroy the world with nuclear weapons because I believe the Word teaches that the world will pass as a result of the direct action of Jesus Christ when he returns.  But the fact remains that we are full of sin and that sin is deadly and destructive.  God will not tolerate it forever.

Secondly, unless we take the time to think about it – we miss the incredible truth of what one person who is obedient to God can do.  One man, Noah, who found grace in God’s eyes and was declared by Scripture to be the most innocent man of his time, and through his obedience was responsible for the continuance of the human race.  What if Noah had refused?  What if he’d laughed at God and told him that He was crazy?  But he didn’t.  He obeyed – and as a result of his obedience, we are here today. 

Look around you.  Can you see the flood waters of evil on the horizon?  We have within us the seeds of our own destruction through rebellion to God.  Perhaps God is calling you to be the Noah in your family, in your neighborhood, in your school or place of business.  How will you answer Him?  Through you and your faith God may draw your entire family into His eternal Presence and save you from the destruction that will fall upon the ungodly.  God will do His part – will we do ours?

PRAYER:  Jesus, we need Your Spirit to be turned loose in this world, and that includes in our own hearts.  We want to be faithful women and men who will be the ark-builders that act on faith in obedience to Your command.  When we feel that we’re just not up to building that ark, please remind us that it isn’t our ark, but Yours, and You want it built and You will provide all that we need in terms of courage, wisdom, knowledge and strength to obey You.  Let us remember that Your best work is always done in broken vessels like us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2016, Galen C. Dalrymple. All rights reserved.

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