DayBreaks for 5/02/16 – Just a Glimpse

DayBreaks for 5/02/16 – Just a Glimpse

From the DayBreaks archives, May 2006:

Exodus 33:18 (NIV) – Then Moses said, ‘Now show me your glory.’

If you had one thing that you could ask God for, what would it be?  I’m not sure what I would ask for.  It’s like the ago old question about what you’d do if you found a bottle on a beach with a genie in it and had 3 wishes.  But of course, God is not a genie – He’s something much, much greater and more powerful and important.  He’s not someone to be trifled or toyed with. 

Moses, I’m sure, asked God for many things during the 40 years that he led Israel, but there was one time that he asked God for something very personal.  He asked for God to show him His glory – in short, to see Him.  And incredibly, God granted his request.

Here’s what I find interesting about this.  There have been times when I’ve gone to see a professional sports team play – usually with one of my sports “heroes”.  Once I’ve seen them, I want to see them again…to watch them play as often as I can.  Moses, however, never asks to see God again after this one time.  I don’t think for a moment that it was because Moses was disappointed in what he saw – quite the contrary.  I think that probably Moses just plain didn’t feel the need to see Him again – one glimpse was enough. 

And so it shall be for us.  One glimpse of God in glory – ALL of His glory – will be enough to last an eternity!  But there’s even better news – we won’t only get one glimpse of God in glory – we will be forever in His Presence, to constantly and permanently behold His glory.  Can you picture it?  

PRAYER:  Holy God, how amazing it is to us to even contemplate getting to see You just once!  But to think of beholding your great glory for all eternity takes our breath away.  Even thinking about the moment of beholding the Lamb who died for us is enough to make us fall to our knees and thank You for Your great love and mercy!  Thank You for filling us with Your joy!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2016, Galen C. Dalrymple. All rights reserved.

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