DayBreaks for 4/14/16 – Negotiating With Kidnappers



DayBreaks for 4/14/16 – Negotiating With Kidnappers

A few years ago there was a true story about a man in New York City who was kidnapped. His kidnappers called his wife and asked for $100,000 ransom. She talked them down to $30,000.

The story, thankfully, has a happy ending: the man returned home unharmed, the money was recovered, and the kidnappers were caught and sent to jail. But, don’t you wonder what happened when the man got home and found that his wife got him back for a discount? Calvin Trillin was the writer of this story. He imagined out loud what the negotiations must have been like: “$100,000 for that old guy? You have got to be crazy. Just look at him! Look at that gut! You want $100,000 for that? You’ve got to be kidding. Give me a break here. $30,000 is my top offer.”

Mark Trotter concluded his rendition of the story with this thoughtful comment: “I suppose there are some here this morning who can identify with the wife in that story, but for some reason I find myself identifying with the husband. I’d like to think if I were in a similar situation, there would be people who would spare no expense to get me back. They wouldn’t haggle over the price. They wouldn’t say, ‘Well, let me think about it.’ I like to think that they would say, ‘We’ll do anything for you.'”

There are numerous lessons one could draw from this story, but what strikes me is that the One who had not just the right but the power to negotiate a lower priced ransom for me didn’t negotiate. He paid a price that no one else would have paid. He paid a price that no one else could have paid. Could he have forced a negotiated settlement with the enemy of our soul? Of course. But he didn’t. He set his flinty eyes directly at the cross in Jerusalem and went there without flinching to pay the ransom for me. And He did the same for you.

PRAYER: Lord, I don’t know why You thought we were worth the ransom given how often we have hurt you. Thank You for not flinching when it came to paying the price for our souls! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2016, Galen C. Dalrymple. All rights reserved.


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