DayBreaks for 2/03/16 – Something to Count On

DayBreaks for 2/03/16: Something to Count On

From the DayBreaks archive, February 2006:

Ps. 33:4 – For the word of the LORD holds true, and everything he does is worthy of our trust. (NLT)

In a world of great and vast uncertainty, what would you give for something that you can always count on?  Many have put their trust in precious gems or metals, only to find them decline in value or to be stolen.  The stock market crashes of the depression years showed the futility of the words of stock brokers – and “paper money” that was only worth something at certain times.  It was just recently that the anniversary of the Challenger disaster was observed.  There were 7 people who put their faith in NASA and in a very large and complicated piece of machinery – only to find that their confidence was misplaced because of nothing more sinister than cold temperatures that damaged the seal on the booster rocket. 

Throughout the centuries, people have believed things to be true which were later proven false: the earth is flat, the solar system revolves around the earth, the earth rides on the back of a giant tortoise, the concept of spontaneous generation of life from rotting meat – these are all just a few examples.  Sadly, many have put their complete trust in the words of their beloved as they stood at the altar and made their wedding vows: “I will keep myself to you and you alone, for as long as we both shall live,” only to find that those words weren’t true, either. 

The Psalmist is clear: if you are looking for something that will always hold true, look to the Word of the Lord.  But just because something is true doesn’t mean that it is good that it’s true.  But with God, “everything He does is worthy of our trust.”  What does that mean?  It means His word is true, and that what he does can be counted on as being right, good, wholesome for us as individuals, i.e., “worthy of our trust”.  This is, indeed, good news!  By contrast, there is nothing else in the universe that will hold true except the Word of the Lord.  In an ever-changing world where we even hear about comets far off in space that may be targeting our little blue planet, the one thing we can ALWAYS count on it His Word!

We are far too prone to trust our own understanding – listening, if you will, to our own “words of wisdom”, formulating our plans and then trusting in those plans and our ingenuity to make it all come to pass as planned.  Instead of racking our brains to try to figure things out, we’d be far better served to search the Word for the principles and truths that will always yield sweet fruit when followed faithfully.

TODAY’S PRAYER:  It is hard for us prideful beings to admit that we don’t have it all figured out, Lord.  We think we’re so smart and yet we put our faith in the wrong things over and over again.  We confess to you our foolishness and ask you to help us to remember that only You are absolutely trustworthy – in all Your actions, promises and words.  May we look to Your Word for the only sure answers to this life and the next!  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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4 thoughts on “DayBreaks for 2/03/16 – Something to Count On

  1. I like the format of today’s blog. It fit the screen as it should. Most of the time you have to chase it back and forth across the screen. Please do it like today’s so
    much easier to read.
    Thank- you enjoy your writing very much
    wilmar strader

    • Wilmar: thank you for taking the time to read the blog and for that comment. It is interesting because I do it the same every day so I’m not sure what made the difference. I’ve not had anyone else say that they’ve had a problem with the formatting…but I’ll sure look in to it! Have a great day, and thanks again!!!!

  2. Frederick Buechner said, “Jesus didn’t come to merely speak words that were true, He is the Word that makes us true.”

    In this age of redefining truth and relative truth, this is an encouraging reflection you wrote for us, that truth apart from Truth incarnate is no truth at all. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Ryan, for reading and for the comment! I’ve enjoyed your posts, too! Buechner has lots of good insights. There is only one Truth, regardless of how much the world thinks that it is relative! Blessings, brother…

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