DayBreaks for 1/28/16 – He Is Thinking Of Me Right Now

DayBreaks for 1/28/16: He Is Thinking of Me Right Now

From the DayBreaks archive, January 2006:

Ps 40:17 NLT – As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord is thinking about me right now.  You are my helper and my savior.  Do not delay, O my God.

The ancients really didn’t think much of their gods.  They believed that the gods weren’t very favorably disposed towards humans.  They believed that the gods made people largely to dig ditches and to irrigate the fields so that the gods didn’t have to do that kind of work themselves.  In that sense, they felt they were slaves to the gods, oppressed by them.  And the gods rarely, if ever, gave much thought to humanity after they been relieved of the menial tasks of farming and growing food. 

What a contrast to the God of Israel!  But we need to understand the context: David was the king!  As far as the masses of humanity were concerned, he was neither poor nor needy.  Most Israelites could look at the lights aglow in his palace and think how rich David was, how blessed!  He surely didn’t have to go to bed hungry each night nor wonder where his next meal would come from – but they did.  But even the great king was forced to recognize how needy he was before God. 

The implication of the Lord thinking about him even as he wrote those words was twofold:

FIRST: God was not ignorant of David’s plight and certainly wasn’t blind to David’s existence.  How sad it would be if God was impressed by human position and wealth!  But He isn’t – in fact, over and over Scripture extols God for His concern for the poor, destitute, oppressed and betrayed.  And that just about describes us all, doesn’t it? 

SECOND: the fact that God was thinking about him gave David the confidence to ask a favor of God “Do not delay, O my God.”  There would have been no sense in asking a favor of a god who couldn’t hear you, or who didn’t think about you at all, except as a slave to till the soil of his planet.   What a blessing to know that there is never even a moment when He (the Lord Himself – not some underling vassal or angel) isn’t thinking of me!!!!

When I am depressed, I need to remember that the Lord is thinking of me that very moment.  When I am desperate, I need to remember that the Lord is thinking of me.  When I am being tempted to sin, and even when I am in the midst of sin, I must remember that the Lord is thinking of me even then.  Perhaps, if I can, through the power of the Spirit, remember that He’s thinking of me when I’m sinning, or being tempted to surrender to Satan and the flesh, I would have a double-check in my heart that would help to keep me from falling and sinning against the Lord.

As you go through your day today and experience laughter, discomfort, fear, joy, anger, temptation, love and hate – remember, the Lord is thinking of you – right then!

TODAY’S PRAYER: Father, what a blessing it is to know that You are thinking of us – not just at moments during the day, but at all moments during the day!  What relief that should bring us, and what encouragement to persevere in the face of temptation!  Help us to think more often of You, dear Lord, even as You think of us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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