DayBreaks for 1/13/16 – The Implications of “Seek First”

DayBreaks for 1/13/16: The Implications of “Seek First”

Galen is back but recovering from jet lag! New DayBreaks to resume shortly!

Matt 6:33 (NIV) – But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Is your life just filled with all kinds of distractions?  I try hard to not have my life be that way, but I’m not sure I’m very successful at keeping my life simple.  Some things are certainly more important than others.  What do you think is the most important thing in your life?  If you’re a husband, you may think that it is providing for your family.  That’s a God-given responsibility, so it is important.  If you’re a wife, you may think it is loving and caring for your family – another important, God-given duty.  If your mind happens to be thinking about business when you are reading this – it might be how to save your struggling company, or how to make wise business decisions so you can grow the business.  If you’re a student, it might be passing the next chemistry exam, graduating from high school or college.  There are plenty of things to distract us.

No one less than Jesus tells us what our first priority should be: seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness.  That’s it.  That’s #1 – and it’s not even a close competition.  There isn’t anything else that we need or ought to pursue.  Why?  Because there’s nothing else that’s anywhere nearly as important, nor is there anything we will lack if we DO pursue His kingdom first and only in our hearts. 

So, what does it really look like, this business of seeking first HIS kingdom and righteousness?  Soren Kierkegaard mused on that topic and came up with this really profound way of looking at it.  He said, should a person get a suitable job in order to exert a virtuous influence?  His answer: no, we must seek first God’s kingdom.  Then, he asked, should we give away all our money to feed the poor?  Again comes the answer: no, we must first seek God’s kingdom.  So, should we go out and preach this truth to the world that people are to seek first God’s kingdom?  No, we are first to seek the kingdom of God.  Kierkegaard concluded: “Then in a certain sense it is nothing I shall do.  Yes, certainly, in a certain sense it is nothing, become nothing before God, learn to keep silent; in this silence is the beginning, which is, first to seek God’s Kingdom.”

Here’s the key: focusing on the kingdom of God will produce an inner reality as His kingdom is formed within our hearts and souls.  Nothing else can be first and foremost.  It can’t even be the desire to get out of the rat race so we can go pursue the kingdom – it must be the kingdom itself. 

Want to simplify your life?  Focus on one thing: the kingdom of God!

TODAY’S PRAYER: Father, our lives are so fractured and divided – and so are our loyalties.  We are so busy that we barely think of Your kingdom, let alone take time to seek it or find it!  Please teach us how to simplify.  Teach us how to trust in You to “add” all those other things to us that we need after we seek You first.  But Lord, please don’t add those things to us first – only add them once we’ve truly given Your kingdom first place.  Help us to each as individuals understand that that means specifically for ME today.   In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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