DayBreaks for 1/8/16 – Weighing the Heart


DayBreaks for 1/8/16: Weighing the Heart

Galen is out of the country. While he is gone, you will be receiving DayBreaks from the DayBreaks archive from January, 2006.

Prov. 21:2 – All a man’s ways seem right to him, but the LORD weighs the heart.

If you watch any of the “CSI” shows, you know that part of just about every episode is the autopsy, where the cause of death – as mysterious as it may be – is determined.  Part of the process of the autopsy is the removal of the internal organs, measuring, describing and weighing them.  I must confess, I’m not sure why they do all that every time, but I’m sure that there’s a good reason.

Scripture speaks about the LORD weighing the heart of man.  To us, that may be a mysterious reference.  The first thing to come to mind is probably a set of scales with the heart placed on one side and something else on the other until the scales balance.  The ancient world was largely dominated by Egypt, Babylon and the Persians.  Much of what Israel’s writers referred to came from their experiences with the Egyptians. 

The Egyptian religion taught that the dead had to face a final judgment before the gods – very similar to the concept we find in Hebrews, where we’re told “It is appointed unto men to die once, and after that to face judgment.”  One of their gods, Thoth, recorded the responses of those examined, while the dead person’s heart was weighted in a scale against a feather that symbolized truth.  If the answers of the deceased to the questions they were being asked were correct, the heart did not overbalance the feather and the soul could enter the afterlife and live forever.  Failure, or having a heart that was too heavy because it wasn’t full of the lightness that truth carried, would be devoured by a demon-like god, Sebek, who looked like a crocodile. 

It is true that falsehood and deception make for a heavy heart.  As God weighs the hearts of us all, and especially as He weighs your heart, what will He find?  Is your heart light – filled with truth and goodness?  Or has your heart become heavy as a result of your sin and deception?  God WILL weigh your heart.  What will He find?

TODAY’S PRAYER: Father, You are the righteous Judge over all the earth.  You alone have the right to weigh our hearts and to proclaim judgment or vindication over us.  May we live our lives in constant awareness that we shall stand in Your Presence and be weighed on Your scales.  May our hearts be found pure and without dross that would weigh us down.  Thank you for the blood of Jesus that cleans our hearts and souls of sin!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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