DayBreaks for 12/16/15 – Pick Up the Baby

DayBreaks for 12/16/15: Pick Up the Baby

Do you remember when you came home from the hospital with your first baby? I do. We were young – oh, so young – and neither of us really knew what to do with a crying baby. We were clear across the country from our parents and as the baby howled, we were at a loss what to do. Even at the hospital when the nurse placed the baby in my wife’s arms as we were ready to drive away (no car seats back then that I can recall!), my wife started crying as we drove off, eeking out the words between sobs: “I don’t know how to take care of a baby!” Fortunately, a truly gracious and wonderful older woman from church came to our rescue!

Sam Levenson tells a wonderful story about the birth of his first child. The first night home the baby would not stop crying. His wife frantically flipped through the pages of Dr. Spock to find out why babies cry and what to do about it. Since Spock’s book is rather long, the baby cried a long time. Grandma was in the house, but since she had not read the books on childrearing, she was not consulted. The baby continued to cry. Finally, Grandma could be silent no longer. “Put down the book,” she told her children, “and pick up the baby.”

Good advice. Put down the book and pick up the baby. Spend time with your children. Particularly at Christmastime. We have the mistaken notion that good parents give their children lots of things. Wrong.

In a survey done of fifteen thousand schoolchildren the question was asked, “What do you think makes a happy family?” When the kids answered, they didn’t list a big house, fancy cars, or new video games as the source of happiness. The most frequently given answer was “doing things together.”

Will you give that most precious gift to your family this year? Forget about all the fancy, expensive presents. Time together as a  family is truly priceless…and it echoes the truth of the Incarnation as well!

PRAYER: Jesus, still our hearts and open our eyes to the priceless gift you’ve given us of our families, loved ones and friends. Thank you for them! Let us be resolved to spend quality time in the midst of these most amazing gifts this year and be a little less concerned about batteries, bikes and video games. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2015 by Galen C. Dalrymple.


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