DayBreaks for 11/24/15 – The Next Big Event

DayBreaks for 11/24/15: The Next Big Event

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. It marks the beginning of the big holiday season. Already you can do Black Friday shopping, people are planning travel and gathering with families for food and fun. It’s a big deal here in the United States…even if we have largely forgotten that it was set aside as a day to thank You.

This was from our Sunday worship bulletin (author unknown), but thought it was worth sharing lest we think anything in this world, good or bad, will be the next big event:

“Over the last few weeks we have noted in the news that sin entered the world. We did not need the reminder, did we?  We also noted that death entered the world.  We did not need a reminder about that either, did we? Both sin and death seem to be rampant, unrestricted and capricious. Every day we hear of people suffering, people committing acts of atrocity and people dying. It is on the front screen of our radar. It seems to be the big news and the big event.

“So, no reminder needed. What we do need a reminder of, in fact a ‘double reminder of’ is this: Jesus entered the world. Yes, sin is present; yes, death takes its toll, but Jesus came, too. He came to deal with the penalty and power of sin, and He came to overcome death. He did that. So, in some sense if we are looking at an equation, it looks like this: Death + Sin < Jesus.

“However, we are confronted daily with sin and death.

“As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to remember that He came, but here is the even better news. Here is the reminder we need: He will come again. And when he does, sin and death will be no more. I don’t know exactly what the equation for that looks like.  Perhaps it will look something like: Jesus’ second coming = Sin and death. You see, sin and death make one appearance in the story, one. Jesus makes two. That is not just twice as good, it is infinity better. We need to be reminded that He came, and He will come again. That is the next big event on our calendar.

“Now here is the real kicker in this mathematical model. When He came, He left, but sent the Holy Spirit, who is God. Maybe that equation is Ascended Jesus —> power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is present with us in the midst of suffering, and He enables us to not just bear it, but to believe in the goodness of God the Father.

“So as you read the news this week, can we encourage you to be thankful and to remember? Remember the Son who came. Remember the present work of the Holy Spirit. Remember the love of the Father. Remember the second coming of Christ. It is the next big event.”

PRAYER: Father, we get so wrapped up in the news and stories about our world and in our sin and overwhelmed by death and violence that seems to grow ever closer to our own doorstep. Help us to remember what is truly the next BIG event…and hasten that day when we shall see Him, our risen Lord, coming back for us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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