DayBreaks for 11/05/15 – An Ungrateful Heart

DayBreaks for 11/04/15: An Ungrateful Heart

From the DayBreaks archive, 11/03/05:

From Bizarre News, 9/28/05: “Randall Dale Adams was convicted of murder in 1977.  Ten years later, filmmaker Errol Morris made a film about the Adams case and as he did, he became convinced that Adams was innocent.  The movie, The Thin Blue Line, presented the case for Adam’s innocence so effectively that he was released from prison.  Morris’s reward?  When Adams got out of jail, he sued the filmmaker for $60,000 for using his story.”

You would think that a convicted murderer would be grateful for a reprieve from prison.  I don’t know if Mr. Adams was condemned to the electric chair or just to life in prison, but he certainly didn’t show any gratitude toward the man who made the movie that convinced the legal system that Mr. Adams was innocent.  I would like to think that if I’d been in Mr. Adams place, I’d have given profuse thanks to Mr. Morris.

But would I really?  After all, you and I are all convicted – found guilty of sin by the Highest Court in existence.  There are no plea bargains to be made, no one else that we can “surrender up” as a bigger sinner to get us off the hook.  No, we’re guilty.  Plain and simple.  And our own offense carried the penalty of death – eternal death, called the “second death” in Scripture.  Not a very comfortable position to be in.  Yet, while we were imprisoned by sin awaiting the execution that was scheduled for us, someone took an interest in our story.  There was a huge difference, though.  Jesus knew that we weren’t innocent.  But still, as our Advocate, he took our seemingly hopeless case to the Father and offered himself in our stead. 

What is shocking is that the Father agreed to such an arrangement.  Of course, He and Christ were of one mind on the matter, so that made it somewhat easier, I’m sure.  So, the way our story ends is with us being released not only from prison, but from the sentence we had earned, to be giving something we could have never hoped for. 

So, the time comes to ask the question: how’s my heart when I consider this true-life story?  Is my heart grateful, or like Mr. Adams, do I snipe and complain at my Deliverer – accusing him of false motives, or of making bad choices for my life regarding my career, my finances, my marriage or children or parents – even my church?  If we can come to grips with what he did for us, we should realize that we have no right to complain against him.  Yet it seems to be a human pattern – after their delivery, Israel, too, carped at God.  I pray that we’ll not repeat that mistake!

TODAY’S PRAYER: Father, forgive us for our selfishness and for our critical spirit towards You.  You’ve given us not just this life, but the life to come – freely.  Help us to never criticize you or be ungrateful toward You again.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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