DayBreaks for 7/22/2015 – The One God Couldn’t Save

DayBreaks for 7/22/15: The One God Couldn’t Save

From the DayBreaks archive, July 2005:

We often talk about nothing being impossible for God, and rightly so.  But that’s not really true.  He can’t lie.  He can’t sin.  He can’t die.  He can’t break His promises.  I don’t think he can make a circle have 373 degrees in it, not can He make a triangle have 6 sides.  Some things are just logical impossibilities (at least as far as I know).

There’s another thing in Scripture that is prophetic, yet haunting.  In Matthew 27:42 (KJV) we find these taunting words spoken by the little, pathetic souls standing before the cross: “He saved others; himself he cannot save.”  I’ve always wanted to take issue with them on that.  Could Jesus have saved himself if he chose to?  Well, my logic tells me he could have.  Could God have saved Jesus if he wanted to?  I think so.  But I’m troubled…

In a way, those words spoken ignorantly by those at the foot of the cross, are in a very real way, true.  Calvin Miller put it this way: “If death was to die and life was to really live, Jesus had to die.  For God, Christ’s death was an ‘either-or’ matter.  God could not save His Son if He was to save us.”  Miller goes on to tell about a book by the title of The Fall, by Albert Camus that described such a terrible quandary.  The hero of the book says, “Do you know that in my little village, during a punitive operation, a German office courteously asked an old woman to please choose which of her two sons would be shot as a hostage?  Choose! – can you imagine that?   ‘That one?  No, this one!’  The picture this suggest is that of a mother trapped between her love for her two sons.  She runs between them, embracing them, trying to make a hellish choice, for she has been told that she can save one of them, but not both.  Here is a soul-rending crisis of love.  Such a crisis ripped into the heart of divine love at the Cross.  Either we or Christ must die.  For all his love, God could not save both.”

It would appear that it wasn’t possible for God to save Christ and us.  What I can’t understand, not now and not in ten billion, billion years, is why God chose to save us.  It says something about love that is beyond our grasp, it says something about our value and worth to God that we find so unbelievable that we are tempted to reject it as heresy.  Yet there it is, in black and white…and red…His love spoken to us, recorded in blood.  We know what God chose.  We just can’t fully bring ourselves to believe it is true for it is so fantastical that it makes us dizzy to contemplate. 

There was only One in all history that God couldn’t save, and it was His Son.  Little did those at the foot of the cross know how right they were.

Copyright by 2005 Galen C. Dalrymple.  ><}}}”>

PRAYER: God, I am speechless at what You suffered in watching Your beloved Son die!  All I can say is, “Thank You!” and “I’m sorry!”  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

© 2015, Galen C. Dalrymple.

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