DayBreaks for 7/20/15 – Course Changes

DayBreaks for 7/20/15: Course Changes

So, let me ask you: what are your plans for today? Have you got your day fairly well regimented and planned out? There are those who think that should be how we all live our lives. And, I’m sure there is some truth to that. However, “life” has a way of altering our plans and forcing us to change from one course to another. Or is it “life” that changes such things, or is it perhaps something much greater?

Jesus and the disciples had been headed for Bethsaida when the evening’s storm blew them to Gennesaret instead. Notice our Lord’s response. He does not tell the Apostles to set out to sea and try again to get to their originally planned destination. Instead, he disembarks where they landand begins to minister to the people around him. Christ’s response is to see the storm as God’s will and to minister appropriately wherever he lands.

How do you and I respond when our day is blown off course? Do you respond to daily (or even major life-changing) “inconveniences” by looking for God’s purposes or do you become angry and frustrated at the “interruption” of your carefully thought through plans and purposes?

I have found that the higher my personal agenda, the more wrapped up that I am in my own thinking and the more insistent I am on setting my own direction, the less I am able to see God’s purpose in my daily “interruptions.” Yet, I have also found that when make myself available to “Deus Interruptus,” incredible and miraculous things frequently happen. Have you ever considered beginning your day by giving God permission to alter your agenda at any moment and any time?

“Dearest God, feel free to interrupt my agenda today with yours at any time or in any place.”

PRAYER: Lord, I pray that today and every day that you will feel free to interrupt my agenda with things that you want me to do and with the people you want me to speak to! Help me to see such “interruptions” not as inconveniences, but as part of the plan you are working out in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

© 2015, Galen C. Dalrymple.

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