DayBreaks for 7/01/15 – We’re Not Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

DayBreaks for 7/01/15: We’re Not Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Today’s DayBreaks is from the 2005 DayBreaks archive:

Do you remember the Christian children’s song from your childhood that included the words, “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder?”  It comes from the story of Jacob in Genesis as he was running for his life with his brother Esau chasing him.  Jacob, after a hard day of running, lay down to sleep at night and had a vision of a ladder reaching from heaven to earth with angels going up and down the ladder.  The old song suggested that each round we went in life, we got higher and higher up the ladder, nearer and nearer to God’s throne.  It’s a cute song, but it’s not biblical in its imagery.

The idea that we can climb up a ladder to God is no different than the suggestion that was put forth by the men of Babel long ago who decided that they’d build a tower to let them get to heaven.  Didn’t work for them – and if we do anything to try to reach God through our own efforts, it won’t work for us, either.

Therein is the problem with the song about Jacob’s ladder: the ladder wasn’t so we could walk up the ladder to God, but so that God could come down to the earth, to the place where Jacob was, and years later on in Jacob’s life, to wrestle with him.  And therein is the wonder: that God would come down in such a way to the place where we live.  Jacob, we’re told, wasn’t aware until he awoke that God was in that place.  I can’t help but wonder how many places that I’ve been where I had no inkling of His presence, too. 

God came down to earth in the garden of Eden, He came down to visit Abraham, He came down in the shape and form of a baby, and He came down in the Spirit to live with us.  God is still in the business of coming to earth.  He comes to us each and every day as we move through life.  He watches us, encourages us, corrects us, counsels us and delights in our Presence. 

I’m thankful that God chooses to come down and spend each day with us.  Let’s make Him welcome!

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