DayBreaks for 3/05/15 – No Difference

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DayBreaks for 3/05/15: No Difference    


NOTE: This week DayBreaks are from the archive as Galen is out of the country.  He will respond to messages after he returns. 

DALLAS – “Some people love their pets so much that one is just not enough. That’s why one woman from North Texas spent $50,000 dollars to have her kitty cloned. Julie stored Nicky the cat’s tissue in the California based Genetic Savings & Clone until the firm offered clients the chance to reproduce their pets. This month, she became the first owner of a commercially cloned feline. Dubbed Little Nicky, the cloned cat was presented to Julie earlier this month, and the proud owner couldn’t be happier. ‘I see absolutely no differences between Little Nicky and Nicky,’ Julie told the company.”

Regardless of your position on the emerging technology of cloning, this is an interesting story.  As much as we love our pets, spending that kind of money to have another version of a pet cloned is, well, ridiculous.  I don’t know if Julie has enough experience at this point in time to really know if her cat is just like Nicky or not.  At least at the time the report was printed, she felt they were identical.  And theoretically, they should be – provided everything worked perfectly.  But as we all know, things don’t work perfectly.  My guess is that as time passes, she’ll begin to discover differences between Nicky and Little Nicky. 

I have to wonder, though, how God feels about us.  The “old” us, the “old man” or “nature” as Scripture puts it, must die.  And, a new person is to be born.  But it is not supposed to be the same person as before – a cloned image.  No, we are to be much more like the caterpillar and butterfly, not a cloned cat.  What a tragedy if God, and those who know us, look at us and compare our lives before we were Christians with what we are now and said, “I see absolutely no differences between pre-Christian Galen and post-Christian Galen.”  Why would that be such a tragedy?  Several reasons:

  1. The amount that God invested to transform us was heavenly-high, and it would be a great shame if we waste such a great ransom;
  2. What we were before really isn’t very attractive or lovely – at least not it God’s eyes. Our old friends and associates may think that our former lifestyle was desirable and great and that our new lifestyle is dull and boring. But they miss the truth: the old life was not satisfying, it held no lasting joy, and it is filled with emptiness, guilt and shame. 
  3. If all we are is a clone of what we were before, it means we will die again. But when we are “reborn” through the power of the Spirit by the blood of Jesus, we “have eternal life” as John instructs us. We are not a clone – we are a brand new original, destined to live for eternity. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a clone of what I was before.  How about you?

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PRAYER: I’m tired of the old me, Lord.  May the new me be fully born and alive through Your Spirit!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

© 2015, Galen C. Dalrymple.

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