DayBreaks for 1/29/15 – Walking on a Moonless Night

DayBreaks for 01/29/15 – Walking on a Moonless Night


John 8:12 (NIV) – When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

When I was younger, I used to do a fair bit of camping.  There is something about being out in the edges of Yosemite National Park with the sights and smells of nature all around that is enlivening.  Perhaps part of it is that we are forced to contemplate the great creation hand-wrought by the Creator. 

My eyesight isn’t so great – and it hasn’t been for a long, long time.  I’ve worn corrective lenses of some kind of another since I was in second grade.  Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but on a moonless night when even the stars are masked off by cloud cover, it is very, very dark in the woods.

Walking in the darkness is no fun, especially when one has bad eyesight!  Not only is it no fun, it can be very dangerous.  It is one thing to walk in one’s own home during the night after living there for years.  You know where everything is.  But to be in the wilderness on a moonless, overcast night where there are wild animals that could rend you, or cliffs where steep drop-offs beckon – walking in the darkness can be more than dangerous – it can be deadly.  Jesus didn’t come to give us death – but to restore us to life by letting us walk in the Light – even as He is in the Light.

As a young man, I felt invincible, even in the dark.  Now that I’m “older”, I no longer feel invincible, especially in the dark.  It seems as if the darkness wraps us in a blanket and would smother us if it could.  But it is just darkness and has no malevolent intent.  It just is the absence of light.

Of course, the darkness Jesus speaks of is spiritual darkness.  That darkness is far more sinister than the darkest night in Yosemite or anywhere else.  Because this darkness does have intent – it is more than just the absence of light.  It has a goal – the obliteration of the Light and everything that is good. 

Still, we need not fear if we are close enough to Jesus to walk in his footsteps.  We have His promise that if we do so, we will never walk in darkness.  Why?  Because Jesus cannot walk there and He will never lead us there.  He leads us not only into green pastures, but into the light of life!

PRAYER: Thank you for not just leading us into the light, but for being the Light!  Give us courage during the darkness until the full Light of heaven dawns upon us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

NOTE: Galen is a missionary with Medical Ambassadors International (MAI).  DayBreaks is free – but if you wish to help support his mission work, you may donate (one-time or recurring) by going to this link, then scroll down until you see SUPPORT MISSIONARIES section.  Below that header, on the left, scroll then find and click on “Galen Dalrymple” and you’ll be taken to where you can make your donation.  If you prefer to donate via check, you may do so by writing your check payable to Medical Ambassadors International and put S090 in the “memo” field. Mail the check to Medical Ambassadors International, P.O. Box 1302, Salida, CA 95368.  MAI is a 501.c.3 organizations so all donations are tax deductible and Medical Ambassadors takes NO administrative fees of any kind out of your donations! Your support would be deeply appreciated!


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