DayBreaks for 1/16/15 – Drinking With Jesus

DayBreaks for 01/16/15 – Drinking With Jesus


I have a friend of many years now.  Her name is Kim.  We actually met through DayBreaks, and much to my shock and surprise, she still reads them from time to time.  Our families became friends, and I even was blessed to officiate at her wedding!  For many years we lived on opposite sides of the country and didn’t see each other for years at a time, though we would communicate through emails.  As life goes, though, so goes relationships.  We get very busy with what is happening in our own world and tend to lose touch a bit.  Every now and then Kim would email and say, “Wouldn’t it be great to sit down over a Dr. Pepper (she liked Pepsi One) and visit?”  My reply was always “Sure would!”

Lots of people get together “over drinks”.  I’m not into alcohol, but I understand the motivation to spend time with a friend or two.  There I something that is a bit more personal about sharing a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a meal with someone you love/like.

When we do, we usually catch up on life.  We lose track of one another and what has been  happening in the life of our friends.  Life can be sweet or bitter, warm or cold…but being able to share it with a friend makes it all more enjoyable and palatable.

I wonder: what would it be like to sit down across the table from Jesus with a Dr. Pepper in hand?  What would he ask me?  What would I ask him?  What would our conversation focus on?

Life, as I said, can be good or bad.  Regardless, we need to respond properly.  I saw this quotation today and thought it was brilliant: “If the Lord fills your cup with sweetness, drink it with grace, If He fills it with bitterness, drink it in communion with Jesus.”

Maybe you need to sit down right now and have a drink with Jesus.  Isn’t it good to know that the Lord drinks in communion with us, even in our darkest hours?

PRAYER: Thank you for being an ever present friend who will sit, listen and commune with us in our joys and in our sorrows! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

NOTE: Galen is a part-time missionary with Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) and must raise his own support for that endeavor.  DayBreaks is free – but if you wish to help support his mission work, you may donate (one-time or recurring) by going to this link, then scroll down until you see SUPPORT MISSIONARIES section.  Below that header, on the left, scroll and then find and click on “Galen Dalrymple” and you’ll be taken to where you can make your donation.  If you prefer to donate via check, you may do so by writing your check payable to Medical Ambassadors International and put S090 in the “memo” field. Mail the check to Medical Ambassadors International, P.O. Box 1302, Salida, CA 95368.  MAI is a 501.c.3 organizations so all donations are tax deductible and Medical Ambassadors takes NO administrative fees of any kind out of your donations! Your support would be deeply appreciated!

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