DayBreaks for 10/21/14 – Faith Walk #5 – The Ruthless Commitment

DayBreaks for 10/21/14 – Faith Walking #5 – The Ruthless Commitment

What, by the way, is faith walking?  Try this definition by Randy Pope, our minister: Faith walking is believing the Word of God, submitting to the will of God, acting as if God had already done what he had promised and then waiting on God while experiencing supernatural peace. It already sounds like a tall order, does it not?

But faith walking requires several things, not the least of which is a ruthless commitment to follow God’s procedures/ways, i.e., doing what He directs in the way He directed it to be done.

In the continuing case of the Israelites (chapter 6 of Joshua) as they are ready to tackle the challenge of Jericho, we should note that God always does things in a way that is designed to bring Him, not us, glory.  Any time we ask the question, “Why does God X?” (fill in X with any question about why God does anything), we can know the answer: it’s for His glory.  We may not understand how or why, and in fact, we may think it detracts from His glory, but that’s simple human thinking, not divinely inspired wisdom.  Can you picture the discussion that must have taken place between Joshua and the 12 elders of Israel when Joshua describes the plan of attack? 

“Well, we’ll walk around the city once each day, but say nothing.  We’ll do that for six days.  Then, get this ‘cause this is where it gets really good, on day seven we’ll walk around it seven times and when I tell you to shout, have all the people SHOUT!  Isn’t that a great plan?”

Their reply may well have been: “Uh, Joshua.  How long have you been out here in the sun today?  How about we try something more traditional, like uh, battering rams?  Or, here’s another good one: how about we just besiege the city and starve them out?  Or, set fire to the city and burn ‘em out!  Yeah, I like that one!”

I don’t know if that discussion took place, but I’d be shocked if the elders didn’t at least think about it!  But that wasn’t God’s way.  And Joshua was committed to a faith walk with God.  He’d resolved himself to do it God’s way in God’s timing.  Why?  Because that way God was sure to get the glory!!!

How committed are you to doing it God’s way?  Perhaps you have tried to take a faith walk before but it didn’t “work”.  Could it be that you were trying to do things your way, or in a way that would bring some measure of glory to you?  God will not honor that, I don’t believe. 

Of course, here’s the point: when faced with any kind of obstacle to our faith, don’t use the word impossible, but instead ask: Do I believe this is God’s will?  If the answer is “Yes”, then do it in faith!

PRAYER: God, we struggle with ruthless commitments to doing things in your way.  We are often eager for credit and some level of glory if the truth be told.  Help us to understand that if we act in accordance to your will, then it will be done, for You never fail!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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2 thoughts on “DayBreaks for 10/21/14 – Faith Walk #5 – The Ruthless Commitment

  1. Really inspiring! Thank you! Had to chuckle at the part where Joshua talked to the elders, never thought about that story that way.

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