DayBreaks for 9/19/14 – The Journey

DayBreaks for 9/19/14 – The Journey

NOTE: Galen is traveling.  Here’s a DayBreaks from the archive, dated 9/10/2004:

“Jesus draw me ever nearer

As I labor through the storm.

You have called me to this passing

And I’ll follow though I’m worn.


“May this journey bring a blessing

May I rise on wings of faith

And at the end of my hearts testing

With Your likeness let me wake.


“Jesus guide me through the tempest

Keep my spirit staid and sure

When the midnight meets the morning

Let me love You even more.


“Let the treasures of the trial

Form within me as I go.

And at the end of this long passage

Let me leave them at Your throne.”

(Words by Margaret Becker, copyright Modern M Music, from the album In Christ Alone by Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg)

I am writing this DayBreaks on 9/3 (yes, I often write them in advance!)  I believe today may have been a watershed day in my life.  No, nothing so earth-shattering as being visited by angels (at least not visible ones), or even aliens.  Something even more happened.  Sometimes the most earth-shattering things though, are the things that shatter our hearts and leave us trembling before the throne of the most gracious, almighty God of heaven.

Sometimes God has a very hard time getting through to us, past our self-defenses and rationalizations.  One of the things that I find can penetrate my self-constructed armor is truth that is put to music.  Sometimes my desire for God’s will is not what it should be.  Sometimes I really struggle to want to do what He wants, to live like He wants me to live – and that’s not a good thing for a pastor to say.  But it’s true.  And you know what?  It’s true of your pastor, too.

This song (actually the entire album) says what my spirit can shout “Amen!” to.  From somewhere deep inside me, the Spirit touched me today and renewed my desire to be fully obedient to God, to drop my armor, admit my failings, and then to simply bask in the wonder and glory of His love and forgiveness.

The weariness of this world is a burden that breaks us.  The ever pressing enemy is relentless.  The number of rationalizations we can construct are phenomenal.  But bottom line is the question: what is the truth about my life and God?  Deep within me I discovered that I still want to awake some day with His likeness hiding all of me, after my testing is through.  And I long to rise on wings of faith and stop my staggering steps.  With each morning, I want to love Him more as the sun kisses the earth and the darkness disappears.  I need to see that there are treasures in the trial – treasures that lay up in heaven, not on earth, and that each day, each part of the trial forms those treasures in me.  But I shall not carry them forever – at the end of the passage, I will forever leave them at the pierced feet of the One who sits on the throne.

Rev. 5:13b (NLT)  – Blessing and honor and glory and power belong to the one sitting on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever.

Psalm 113:1-9 (NLT)  – Praise the Lord!  Yes, give praise, O servants of the Lord.  Praise the name of the Lord!  Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever.  Everywhere—from east to west—praise the name of the Lord.  For the Lord is high above the nations; his glory is far greater than the heavens.  Who can be compared with the Lord our God, who is enthroned on high?  Far below him are the heavens and the earth.  He stoops to look, and he lifts the poor from the dirt and the needy from the garbage dump.  He sets them among princes, even the princes of his own people!  He gives the barren woman a home, so that she becomes a happy mother.  Praise the Lord!

Copyright by 2004 Galen C. Dalrymple.  ><}}}”>

PRAYER: Father, thank You for being all-sufficient for the journey and for accompanying us as we travel!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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