DayBreaks for 8/21/14 – The Nature of the Kingdom

DayBreaks for 8/21/14 – The Nature of the Kingdom

NOTE: Galen and Laurel are relocating to Georgia this week, so warmed-over DayBreaks are on the menu.  New DayBreaks will resume again sometime next week!  From 2004: 

Luke 13:20-21 (NLT)  –  “He also asked, ‘What else is the Kingdom of God like?  It is like yeast used by a woman making bread. Even though she used a large amount of flour, the yeast permeated every part of the dough.’” 

If someone were to ask you what the status of the kingdom of God is in the world today, what would you say?  Do you believe it is expanding and growing?  Or do you believe that at the present time the forces of evil are gaining ground?  Why do you believe what you do?  What evidence do you have for your conclusion? 

Certainly, if we were to look around and see the evil of mankind on a global basis, we might be tempted to get pretty down about things.  After all, it isn’t a pretty picture that we’d see.  Wars.  Famines (some man-made out of greed).  Diseases.  Things once considered by everyone as being wrong now being declared okay and legal.  Terrorism and orange alerts.  Be-headings.  I could keep going, but the list doesn’t get any better.  You get the point. 

Jesus’ response to the question he asked about the kingdom of God should serve to encourage us.  Several things can be noted: 

FIRST: the kingdom starts from very small beginnings – the leaven isn’t nearly as much in terms of volume as the dough, yet it changes everything once it is applied.  Just because it looks like the kingdom is not faring well, we can’t judge by comparing sizes of the “armies”.  It’s not fair to the “dark side”! 

SECOND: the nature of the kingdom isn’t big and splashy and doesn’t come with fanfare.  The work of the kingdom goes on unseen – you can’t see the leaven as it works in the dough, but it’s there and it is making progress.  The kingdom IS moving forward.  We need to remember that what we see on the surface isn’t the way the kingdom works.  It works in the hearts and minds of people – one person at a time, from the INSIDE. 

THIRD: the dough is helpless to change itself.  It takes an infusion of a foreign agent from the outside to effect the change.  The world is a dark and hopeless place if left to its own devices.  But God wasn’t willing to leave it that way.  First, he started with just one – Jesus.  He then drew others to him as the leaven worked in their hearts.  They went out and preached the word and things happened as the leaven got further into the dough.  Now it’s our job to spread the leaven (not spread ourselves, but HIM!) into the dough that is the world.  That’s the only way it can ever be changed! 

The kingdom will move forward.  Will we move with it? 

PRAYER: Let our feet move in conjunction with Your Spirit to further the kingdom! In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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