DayBreaks for 7/10/14 – You Never Know

DayBreaks for 7/10/14 – You Will Never Know

Mark 4:8-9 (NLT) Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they sprouted, grew, and produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted!”  Then he said, “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.”

One of William Barclay’s friends tells the story of a church where he worshipped that had a lonely old man, named Thomas, among the parishioners. Thomas was so old that he’d outlived all his friends and hardly anyone really knew him or paid him much mind. When old Thomas died, Barclay’s friend was concerned that no one would show up for the funeral so he decided to go just so that there would be someone who would follow the mortal remains of the old man to his final resting place.

The day of the funeral was miserable – even by English standards, and as it turned out, there was no one except this one man who bothered to show up. The service concluded and when the hearse reached the cemetery, a soldier stood waiting at the gate. The man deduced that the soldier was an officer, but there were no insignia nor rank badges on his wet raincoat. Still, the soldier came to the grave side for the ceremony and when it was over, he stepped forward and before the open grave swept his hand to a salute that was worthy of a king. The friend walked away with this soldier, and as they walked, the wind blew the soldier’s raincoat open to reveal the shoulder badges of a brigadier general.

The general said, “You will perhaps be wondering what I am doing here. Years ago Thomas was my Sunday School teacher; I was a wild lad and a sore trial to him. He never knew what he did for me, but I owe everything I am or will be to old Thomas, and today I had to come to salute him at the end.” Thomas had no idea what he had done for this man.

The simple fact is this: no preacher or teacher, no friend who shares the good news or who lives it out in front of others ever does know what becomes of the seed that has been sown. We don’t have to know.  Our desire to know would only feed our pride and ego.  Perhaps that’s why God doesn’t let us know.  Our job is simply to keep sowing the seed, leaving the rest to God and trusting that God can see, water and nourish that seed for His glory, not for ours. We can with confidence leave the rest to God. And that is good news for all us tenant farmers who are planting seeds in the soil He created.

PRAYER: Father, produce a harvest for Your glory through our meager and paltry efforts, and help us to never, ever stop spreading the good news!! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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