DayBreaks for 7/04/14 – Our Freedom

DayBreaks for 7/04/14 – Our Freedom

As Stan Caffy prepared for married life, he and his bride-to-be cleaned out their respective garages and sold everything to Goodwill. Between the two of them, they sold an assortment of clothes, bicycles, tools, computer parts, and a tattered copy of the Declaration of Independence that had been hanging in Stan’s garage for the last decade.

Stan’s trash turned out to be another man’s treasure.That particular version of the Declaration of Independence was a rare copy made in 1823. A man named Michael Sparks spotted it, and he purchased the document for $2.48. Sparks later auctioned it for $477,650.

Not a bad profit.

Caffy, the previous owner, was later quoted as saying, “I’m happy for the Sparks guy. If I still had it, it would still be hanging here in the garage, and I still wouldn’t know it was worth all that.”

We don’t recognize the worth of our freedoms.  Freedom, our independence, has been won at very high cost.  That’s true of our American freedom, but even more true of our spiritual freedom.  How many American lives have poured out their blood into the soil for our freedom in this country?  The number is extremely high.  Yet not all that blood, if we are to believe Scripture, is able to measure up to the value of the blood of the Son of God.  The human blood only purchased a freedom that must be fought for over and over, defended, more lives must come to an end to defend it.  But with Christ, all it took was one death…and that is enough.

Celebrate your freedom this day…hold it dear, for it was dearly bought!

PRAYER: For the freedom we have as Americans we thank You, but even more, for the freedom we have in Christ!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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