DayBreaks for 5/01/14 – The Music of Heaven

DayBreaks for 5/01/14 – The Music of Heaven

Psalm 139:13 (NLT) – You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Dr. Kathleen Wermke at the University of Wurzburg in Germany, published her results from a project in which she compared the cries of German newborns with those of French newborns. (Where do people get such ideas?)  What she discovered was shocking: babies cry with an accent.  In short, the intonation pattern of the newborns mimicked the “melody” of the mother, i.e, the speech patterns characteristic of the mother’s native language.  The French tend to have a rise at the end of a sentence while the opposite is true of speakers of German.  The womb-bound baby hears that intonation and copies it at birth.

In effect, the baby has been eavesdropping on its mom for nine months, putting its ears to work, listening to the train of her sorrow and happiness coming for miles.  The child emerges from the mother’s body with her voice ringing in its ears, or as Mark Buchanan put it: “…her music echoing in its own bones.  Like an opera singer’s understudy, the child is formed in the presence of a mighty voice.  Sprawling naked into daylight, its first instinct is to sing its mother’s song.

“This got me wondering.  If earth is heaven’s womb, if time is eternity’s belly, what song do we overhear from heaven that we try to sing on earth?  We may sing it poorly, squalling and squawking, but we sing it instinctually.  It’s in our bones.  So what’s the music of heaven?  What’s the voice of the Father that every human’s heard, at least in muffled form, and every human can copy, at least in mangled form?

“Love.  Love is the music of heaven.  When we love, no matter how awkwardly, we hum an anthem sung perfectly, all day, every day, in heaven.  Our humming might be nearly tuneless.  It might be fragmentary, staccato, uneven.  It might be croaky, jangly, warbly.  It may be hard for others to identify the melody.  It might be hard on the ears.  But there it is, the Father’s voice thinly echoed in our own.”Your Church is Too Safe

I know that far too often I don’t sing the music of heaven very well.  But there it is – buried somewhere in every human heart, the ability to love.  Where does it come from?  Surely, such a thing is not the chance result of electricity and chemistry, the end result of eons of mixing in a chemical cesspool.  No, I suspect that it is in our hearts precisely for the reason that Buchanan suggests: we’ve heard the song from the moment of conception (perhaps even before) – it has been placed into the very warp and woof of our existence, by a Father who sung the song over us as He formed us, hidden in our mother’s womb!

PRAYER: Thank you, Father, for singing Your song over us and placing its music in our very own hearts! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2014 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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2 thoughts on “DayBreaks for 5/01/14 – The Music of Heaven

  1. Galen, These Daybreaks are a blessing to my life and always speak to my inner man…I know you repost at times so I wanted to let you know that in the 4th paragraph…”But there it is, the Father’s vice thinly echoed in our own.” – Your Church is Too Safe…”voice” instead of “vice”… I am not an editor and feel uncomfortable even sending this but I am blessed by you sharing Daybreaks with me.

    In HIM, Greg Smith Tracy High Math Teacher Sophomore Football Head Coach Varsity Softball Head Coach 315 E 11th St Tracy, CA 95376 (209)969-2169 cell (209)830-3360 ext 2496


  2. Oops…thanks for catching that Greg! I’ll fix it right now!!! And you blessed me today with your kind and gracious words! Blessings and peace, brother…

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