DayBreaks for 4/28/14 – The Minimizing “Just”

DayBreaks for 4/28/14 – The Minimizing Just

“I’m just an ordinary guy/gal.”  “You’re just an employee!”  “You just have a high school education.”

“Just” is one of those words, like “but”….and you know when you hear it that nothing good will follow.  It is a way to minimize something or someone else by comparison.  On the examples above, the person who is saying those things is implying that the person they are speaking to probably can’t do much or will never amount to much.

David was a prime example.  Oh, sure, by the time that his life ended, he had become a king – and a pretty good one, too.  But, when Samuel came (at God’s direction) to anoint a king from among the sons of Jesse, David wasn’t even invited to the selection process.  Why should he be?  He was the youngest and runtiest of all of Jesse’s sons – and he was just a shepherd boy.  That’s how people saw him. 

But it wasn’t how God saw David – or the rest of Israel.  In Exodus 19:6, God declares of David’s ancestors, “You shall be to me a kingdom of priests…”  That would have shocked them at the time.  They’d been in Egypt for 400 years – and in Egypt, the priests held the power, controlled the rituals and ran most of the affairs of the nation from their temples along the Nile.  No one would have dared said, “You’re just a priest!” 

Yet, it is what God decreed.  They were to have priests (the Levites), but they were all to BE priests, too.  They were priests who didn’t wear robes, who had no temples and little to no training…but they were priests, nonetheless.

But how about you?  Do you realize that Christians are given the same identity?  Once we were freed from our sin, Jesus not only made us holy and righteous, but priests as well (1 Pet. 2:5, 9; Rev. 1:6; 5:10; 20:6). 

People who see you may think you aren’t much…they may say that you are “just” this or that.  They can’t see the identity you have in Christ as a priest given the great privilege of representing the God of creation to mankind and to present mankind to God.  This is the most important “job” that has ever been held by a human being. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you will never amount to much because you’re just too insignificant.  Remember your identity.  You are a priest of the Almighty God.  And you are also His son or daughter.  THAT is your identity.  THAT is your reality.  Some day everyone will see it.  Until then, fulfill your role – embrace the truth about yourself as God sees you!

PRAYER: Even in our flesh, You have given us significance and great value!  May we remember our true identity is how You see us and what You have declared to be true of us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2014 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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