DayBreaks for 1/30/14 – Seeing Straight

DayBreaks for 1/30/14 – Seeing Straight

Matthew 6:23 (NLT) – But when your eye is bad, your whole body is filled with darkness. And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is!

There are times when I am dumbfounded by what self-professed Christians believe in, what they say and what they do. If I am puzzled by it, I wonder what God things of it. Of course, I could be wrong in my beliefs of how Christians are to act and what we are to value, but many things are very clear in Scripture…and yet many act as if they don’t care what the Bible says while they pursue their own interests and act like unbelievers. Perhaps that’s why I found this interesting:

In 1897 vision scientist and psychologist George M. Stratton (1865-1957) created a pair of glasses that turned the world upside down. Actually, he turned the world right-side-up because our eyes project an image to our brains that is naturally upside down. Our brains take an image and invert it – giving us our “right side up” perception of the world. Stratton strapped on his goggles and proceeded to blunder into things for several days. In this new, now “upside-down” world, his brain was seeing liquids “poured up,” he saw himself walking on ceilings. Everything he viewed was completely inverted.

But only for a few days. Our eyes are our cameras, but the pictures we take with our eyes are developed by our brains. After a few days Stratton recorded that his most powerful visual organ, his brain, had figured out that something was amiss. After a few days his brain re-inverted the images it was receiving, and the world no longer looked upside down to the scientist. His brain completely flipped the images and presented him with a right-side up world once again. The process took about three days…

In this physical example, Dr. Stratton’s mind figured out that something was wrong and corrected the problem. How does that relate to Christianity and our behavior and beliefs? We have been given the Spirit that is to convict us of sin, right? So why aren’t “Christians” feeling convicted when they support causes and activities that are clearly (to me and many others) un-biblical?

I suspect the clue lies in the very last fraction of a sentence: “The process took about three days…” How does that relate? Simply this: it doesn’t take long for our vision, our understanding, our beliefs and actions, to find a new “normal” and to believe it is normal. Dr. Stratton was still wearing the glasses that switched the orientation of all he saw, but within just 3 days, his brain told him it was normal and he had adjusted to that new “normal.” So it is with our beliefs – it doesn’t take long to forget where the authority lies, to listen to the wisdom of mankind, and to come to see that as the “normal”, the “right” thing. When our view of morals and ethics become twisted, we are in danger of believing that lies are truth and truth is false.

Who is your authority? Who will you believe about right and wrong? And what will you do about it?

PRAYER: We want to believe what is more comfortable for us and when others tell us that it is okay, Lord, we are quick to believe them. Lead us back to the Truth of Your Word and give us wisdom to understand it and the ability to act on it! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2014 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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