DayBreaks for 10/17/13 – When God Settles Accounts

DayBreaks for 10/17/13 – When God Settles Accounts

Matthew 18:23 (NIV) – Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants.

I heard a story which illustrates how we easily and often confuse God’s timing with ours. A country newspaper had been running a series of articles on the value of church attendance. One day, a letter to the editor was received in the newspaper office. It read, “Print this if you dare. I have been trying an experiment. I have a field of corn which I plowed on Sunday. I planted it on Sunday. I did all the cultivating on Sunday. I gathered the harvest on Sunday and hauled it to my barn on Sunday. I find that my harvest this October is just as great as any of my neighbors’ who went to church on Sunday. So where was God all this time?” The editor printed the letter, but added his reply at the bottom. “Your mistake was in thinking that God always settles his accounts in October.”

That’s often our mistake as well, isn’t it — thinking that God should act when and how we want him to act, according to our timetable rather than his. The fact that our vision is limited, finite, unable to see the end from the beginning, somehow escapes our mind. So we complain; we get frustrated; we accuse God of being indifferent to us; we do not live by faith.

We often think that we have escaped judgment for what we’ve done because of His long-suffering patience.  We think that we’ve gotten away scott-free with misbehaving and sinful activities.  We presume that because nothing has happened that either 1) He doesn’t care, or 2) He didn’t notice what we’ve done because He’s too busy governing the universe to notice someone as small and insignificant as “me”. 

God will settle His accounts – every single one, either for the good or the bad.  God is not limited by our sense of when He should or shouldn’t take action and for us to think so is the height of human pride. 

PRAYER: Father, we are grateful that for those who believe in You, the account has already been settled and all debts paid.  Help us avoid the deception of Satan that causes us to think our actions no longer matter or that the cost to settle our debt was small!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2013 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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