DayBreaks for 05/28/13 – The God of Huge Dimensions

DayBreaks for 05/28/13 – The God of Huge Dimensions

immensityNOTE: I am back but weary!  New DayBreaks will resume no later than the first week of June, 2013!  Thanks for your prayers while I was away!!!

As humans we like to measure things.  We measure baseball statistics, we measure distances in miles and kilometers, we have scales in our bathrooms to measure our weight, we give or get grades in school to measure our learning and progress.  We have polls that determine what our politicians will do – all based on measuring opinions of the voting public.  There is something about measuring things that seems to give us a sense of control in some way or fashion.  But when it comes to God, we run into a real problem.

Lift up your eyes and look.  Who made these stars if not he who drills them like an army, calling each one by name?  So mighty is His power, so great His strength, that not one fails to answer.” (Isa. 40:26)

The sun is one of these stars that Isaiah wrote about.  Did you know that a single square yard of the sun produces 130,000 horsepower (oops – there’s a measurement again!) of energy constantly?  The sun is one of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy – and that’s just one of the billions of galaxies in the entire universe.  The nine major planets in the solar system vary in range from 36 million miles to 3.6665 billion miles – yet each moves in exact precision in it’s orbit around the sun.  Did you know that if you took a single dime and held it out at arms length on a starry night, that the area of the sky that is obscured from your vision by the dime contains 15 million stars (your eye just can’t see them all)?!?!

What’s the point?  We measure things about God’s creation and we are amazed.  We are amazed with His greatness, His immense “largeness” as evidenced by the immensity of His creation.  We are dazzled, mesmerized and astounded – and we should be.  But when it comes to other things about God, we seem to have a really hard time in believing He is so large.  What do I mean?  Simply this, as Brennan Manning wrote: “We tremble before God’s majesty…and yet we grow squeamish and skittish before God’s love.”  For some reason, we have a hard time getting our minds around the concept that the God who has demonstrated His greatness and power in the creation can love ME.  And so, because we can’t believe that His love could possibly be as big as His universe, that He could possibly love ‘a worm like me”, we diminish God’s love by believing it is dependent on our Christian lives of ordered perfection.  Perhaps it is because we ourselves love so little and so poorly that we begin to assume that God is like us.  He isn’t.

Yahweh, our Lord, how great is your name throughout the earth.  Above the heavens is your majesty chanted, by the mouths of children, babes in arms.  I look up at the heavens made by your fingers, at the moon and the stars you set in place – ah, what is man that you should spare a thought for him, the son of man that you should care for him?”  (Ps. 8)  As hard as it may be to believe that God cares (and loves!) you with a love that is wider than the universe (literally), if there is one truth of the bible – one amazingly nearly unbelievable truth – it is this one: that God loves you (and me) endlessly.

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Copyright 2013 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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