DayBreaks for 04/08/13 – Is It Nothing to You?

DayBreaks for 04/08/13 – Is It Nothing to You?

WorthPosterNOTE: I am on a missions trip/internship to Africa and will be gone until 5/25.  Please pray for God’s work to go forth mightily, for protection for myself and those with whom I will be working, and for my wife in my absence!  Thank you…I cherish your prayers!  You will be receiving DayBreaks as usual (from the archive) after today until I’ve returned.

From The Unchained Soul, by Calvin Miller comes this analogy:

An African myth tells of a tribe whose people noticed that their cows were not giving as much milk as they once did.  In spying on their cows at midnight, they noticed a beautiful young woman carrying a large pail and floating down to earth on a moon ray.  She milked their cows and went back to the skies.  One the following night, when they trapped this thieving goddess, they discovered that she was the Sky Maiden, a member of a sky tribe who had no other way to get food for themselves.  The man who had trapped the Sky Maid promised to release her if she would return and marry him.  She agreed, but only if he would allow her to return to the sky for three days and prepare herself.  When she returned, she brought with her a large sealed box.  She told the man that she would not marry him, but he must promise her he would never look inside the box.  They were married and for many weeks lived happily together, but one day when his wife was away from their hut, the bridegroom’s curiosity got the best of him.  He opened the box and looked inside.  He was amazed.  The box was empty.

“When the Sky Maid discovered that he had looked inside, she refused to be married to him any longer.  Her earthbound husband did not understand why she would leave him for so trivial a matter as an empty box.  She replied to him with these words: ‘I’m not leaving you because you opened the box, I thought you probably would.  I’m leaving you because you said it was empty.  It wasn’t empty; it was full of sky.  It contained the light and the air and the smells of my home in the sky.  When I went home for the last time, I filled that box with everything that was most precious to me to remind me of where I came from.  How can I be your wife if what is most precious to me is emptiness to you?’

“This parable explains the plight of God.  His is it that, when we mean so very much to God, he means so little to us?  Yet his love is unconditional.  It flows eternally toward us, whether or not we stop to love God in return.

“For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.  For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die.  But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  (Rom. 5:6-8)

“God loves us to the extremity of the cross and says to us, ‘Look in the box.’  Grace fills the treasure chest of God.  Is His glorious love of no value?  Do you experience this love beyond all telling, or are you incriminated by Jeremiah’s cry, ‘Is it nothing to you?’ (Lam. 1:12)

How important to you are the treasures of God?

Copyright 2013 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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