DayBreaks for 10/05/12 – Buried In Plain Sight

DayBreaks for 10/05/12 – Buried In Plain Sight

Sometimes no one ever really knows what lurks beneath until things get a good shake. An April earthquake in the region of the Solomon Islands shook loose a World War II torpedo boat which had rested on the ocean floor for over 60 years. The boat’s hull was intact—explosives and all. A bomb unit was deployed to detonate the torpedoes safely.

Experts believe the PT boat is just one of many pieces of military wreckage that pepper the coastline of the islands. This piece is particularly fascinating in that it’s the same variety of military craft U.S. President John F. Kennedy commanded.

Jay Waura of the National Disaster Management Office said, “We were amazed by this finding, as previously this wreckage had long been sitting under the sea and rusting in peace without anyone knowing about it.”

Luke 8:17 – For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.  We like to believe in exceptions – and in particular that WE are the exception to the rule.  But Jesus is clear: “There is NOTHING hidden that will not be disclosed…”

Whatever things we are trying to hide from the sight of the Lord are clearly visible to Him now…and they will be made visible to all one day.  I don’t like that.  If you don’t like it either, then we should change how we live.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, I pray that your Presence will continually remind us that all shall one day be revealed!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2012 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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3 thoughts on “DayBreaks for 10/05/12 – Buried In Plain Sight

  1. OK He will reveal all the things hidden in darkness and bring them into the light and manifest them,now if we confess our sins, isn’t he willing and just to forgive us our sins and never remember them again?Now the Catholics believe that we are to seek after our own salvation with fear and trembling but others say once saved always saved of course that is not biblical we are forgiven but if we sin the Holy Spirit will withdraw from us and we will be in darkness because we choose darkness rather then the light right? But if he is going to remember my sins he did not forgive them right? I think this verse is for everyone who never confess and who keep on sinning,and those who have hidden secrets like robbing,or killing and abusing others he will let everyone see how horrible this person really is that said they were of God and were not right?So if we love someone we should let them know rather then hide it? If we dislike someone we should let them know? What say YE! Psalms:1

    • The questions you’ve raised have been hotly debated for ages and we won’t resolve them here, I’m sure. But, biblically speaking, the word for “remember” them no more is better translated by most as “not hold them against us”. If God were to truly forget something, He would no longer be omniscient.

      There are different points of view: 1. That when we are forgiven, those things won’t be brought up on Judgment Day; 2. That even though we are forgiven, those things will be brought up so we will know that there is no one who deserves to be saved; 3. That even though we are forgiven and those things will be brought up, as believers we wont be put to shame because it will only serve to spotlight how great His grace is.

      Forgiving doesn’t require forgetting. Even as humans we can forgive…but we will always remember, too. Forgiving means we won’t hold those things against anyone again. So, God can forgive us, but not “forget” in the sense of human forgetfulness.

      Anyway, that’s how I see it.

  2. I hate snakes and bugs how can the snake be part of the ego system?????What does he do so great other then sneak up on his pray and poison them?I feel they are evil if Adam and Eve are a true story?Why would the devil choose a snake to come as?That’s why we need to put on the whole armour of Christ so we can withstand the whiles of the devil!! That old sneak!

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