DayBreaks for 04/26/12 – Snatch Us From Evil

DayBreaks for 04/26/12 – Snatch Us From Evil

Deliver is to gentle of a term for what Jesus does...

 “Deliver us from evil.” – The Lord’s Prayer

It is a very simple request, is it not?  And it is a request that one would expect every single Christian to make.  There are those who don’t believe evil exists.  Those people were never kept in a crowded building in Auschwitz or gassed by a mad dictator who bombed the village with chlorine gas.  They were never locked in a closet under a staircase.  They were not blinded by their parents so that they’d make more convincing beggars as a way for the parents to get hand-outs from passers-by.  But all those things happen.  Evil exists.

But not all evil is that obvious nor blatant.  Most of evil seems relatively tame by comparison, not something that would cause us to quake in our boots because the evil is so palpable.  Perhaps that’s why Jesus put this in his model prayer for us – to help us realize that evil, while there may be degrees of it, is always still evil and insidious and in all forms, deadly and dangerous.

Writing in Leadership Journal’s Spring 2012 edition, John Ortberg made this observation: “Even though what we call “the Lord’s prayer” is familiar to Christians, there are parts of it we rarely dwell on. For instance, what it really means when Jesus says, “Deliver us from the evil one.” New Testament scholar Dale Bruner notes that Jesus uses an almost violent verb translated “deliver.” It means to snatch; it’s what a hand does when it seizes an object in considerable danger. The idea here is that the devil is constantly luring us into pits, snares of moral destruction, and being saved from them is beyond mere human willpower. Only God’s watching and snatching and saving can rescue us. Deliverance indeed.”

A parent would snatch a child from in front of an on-rushing, snarling pit bull or car, or pull them back from a precipice.  It’s an almost violent act, motivated by urgency, and often, fear.  Yet that’s the word Jesus chose to use when He asked the Father to “snatch us from evil.”

You see, we stand at the precipice and are often ready to take the leap and yield to the temptation, not realizing the great danger we are in.  Jesus knows…and that’s why he used such a strong verb.  I have a hunch we may all need to pray “Snatch us from evil” a bit more often than we do!

PRAYER: Father, snatch us back now and always from falling into ruin and disgrace, from bringing shame on Your glorious Name!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2012 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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1 thought on “DayBreaks for 04/26/12 – Snatch Us From Evil

  1. Sometime you need to do a comparision on sins and you may find that we tend to think everything is sin but it isn’t it just looks to others that way.Now if you and a gal took a walk because she wanted to show you some property, you’d go right? Even if you were to go through the forest to get there but it’s when you come out that’s when you think and wonder how did the next door neighbor see this in his mind when he saw me today coming out of the forest with a lovely gal?Humm,and it was very innocent,wwhat I am trying to say is why should you feel guilty if you never did anything,but you see the child has gone out of us because we don’t trust anyone anymore like a child would. Now I could take this walk with you and thin k nothing about it just talk and walk andmaybe even stop and rest if needed.It’s ok to like others and admire them because they are pretty or smart or even a friend.I am very friendly and tend to trust most all people but I am not in a big city either and that could be a problem for people like me.But I will never be in a big city to worry about it:) Simplicity is what life is all about.Psallms 91

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