DayBreaks for 03/12/12 – The Need to Hear

DayBreaks for 03/12/12 – The Need to Hear

Hearing is vital for life...

Oh, that my people would listen to me! Oh, that Israel would follow me, walking in my paths! 14 How quickly I would then subdue their enemies! How soon my hands would be upon their foes! Psalm 81:13-14

There are many prayers recorded in Scripture, especially in the Psalms, where people cry out to God with heartfelt prayers, imploring Him to listen.  Over and over their pleas fly heavenward.  We ask God to listen to us a great deal.  Isn’t it interesting that God longs for us to listen to Him?

The emperor Frederick, who ruled the Roman Empire in the 13th century, thought it would be a useful experiment to discover what our original language was–Hebrew, Greek, Latin or whatever. So he decided to isolate a few infants from the sound of any human voice. He reasoned that, if so isolated from anything prejudicial, when they spoke, it would be in the universal, natural tongue of the human species.

Wet nurses were obtained to care for these infants. But they were sworn to absolute silence and could not engage in any socializing with these infants in any way. From the moment they were born, these infants never heard the sound or hum or song of a human. Within a year they were all dead.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of listening to God, even as we ask Him to listen to us.  Our willingness to hear Him is the difference between life and death.  How much time and energy are you spending to try to hear Him, instead of asking Him to hear you?

PRAYER: We are hard of hearing and hard of heart, Lord!  Open our ears, give us hearts that long for Your voice and words even more than we long for the air to breath, for Your Word is life to us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2012 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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1 thought on “DayBreaks for 03/12/12 – The Need to Hear

  1. A Prayer for Vengeance
    1 O LORD God, to whom vengeance belongeth;
    O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, show thyself.

    2 Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth:
    render a reward to the proud.

    3 LORD, how long shall the wicked,
    how long shall the wicked triumph?

    4 How long shall they utter and speak hard things?
    and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves?

    5 They break in pieces thy people, O LORD,
    and afflict thine heritage.

    6 They slay the widow and the stranger,
    and murder the fatherless.

    7 Yet they say, The LORD shall not see,
    neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.

    8 Understand, ye brutish among the people:
    and ye fools, when will ye be wise?

    9 He that planted the ear, shall he not hear?
    He that formed the eye, shall he not see?

    10 He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct?
    He that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know?

    11 The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man,
    that they are vanity. 1 Cor. 3.20

    12 Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O LORD,
    and teachest him out of thy law;

    13 that thou mayest give him rest from the days of adversity,
    until the pit be digged for the wicked.

    14 For the LORD will not cast off his people,
    neither will he forsake his inheritance.

    15 But judgment shall return unto righteousness:
    and all the upright in heart shall follow it.

    16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?
    Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

    17 Unless the LORD had been my help,
    my soul had almost dwelt in silence.

    18 When I said, My foot slippeth;
    thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.

    19 In the multitude of my thoughts within me
    thy comforts delight my soul.

    20 Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee,
    which frameth mischief by a law?

    21 They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous,
    and condemn the innocent blood.

    22 But the LORD is my defense;
    and my God is the rock of my refuge.

    23 And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity,
    and shall cut them off in their own wickedness;
    yea, the LORD our God shall cut them off.

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