DayBreaks for 12/26/11 – Christmas Confusion

DayBreaks for 12/26/11 – Christmas Confusion   

We are so easily confused...

I suppose it is only normal that any time you move to a new place it takes a while to get familiar with your surroundings.  It can be confusing, especially in a place like this, where the roads are not straight, but twist and turn through the wooded hills and then they change their names whenever they go across another major thoroughfare!  THAT is confusing!  Which way is east or west, north or south?  All the old familiar landmarks are gone!

On Sunday, we went to church at a large church.  It was a gray, drizzly, rainy day and it was raining when we got to the building.  It was raining when we came outside.  But, much to my chagrin and with a major blow to my male pride, we got lost in the parking lot trying to find our car!  (That gives you some idea of how large this church is….that’s something that never would have happened at the church where I served in Cloverdale!!!)  Eventually, however, my male sense of direction took over again and we found our way to the car before we drowned.  See what I mean about getting confused in a new place?

I wonder what it was like for the infant Jesus when he awoke, removed from his eternal heavenly glory, on a manger surrounded by animals, animal droppings and animal breath?  If babies think about such things at all, it had to be a huge confusion factor for him!  (Of course, none of us know what Jesus thought at that time, or if his thoughts were any different at that moment than those of any human baby, so I’m just musing here.)

As confusing as it may have been for him, he came to give us the light to banish the darkness that confused humanity from the dawn of human history.  As it turns out, it wasn’t the one born in the manger who was confused – it was us.

I hope that this Christmas has clarified some of the confusion that may have remained in your heart and in mine.  Let the Light continue to illuminate your heart and mind and inform you walk this coming year.  Don’t let it stop now that Christmas is over.

PRAYER: Light our pathway throughout this coming year, and always, to remove the confusion and fears from our hearts!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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1 thought on “DayBreaks for 12/26/11 – Christmas Confusion

  1. That was way to funny honest:):) I once went into the Sears store in a shopping center and was so enthused when I came out I could not find my car,I had to let the police on a scooter find it for me the fact was that I could never see it on that entrance of the store I came out the wrong door from where I came in. HA HA HA! And the thought of baby Jesus smelling cows and seeing animals was very cool because I have never thought of this ever, but you could be on to something,he just may have thought Gee I am a king amongst the low life of earth what a difference 9 months makes.He might have picked this all out way before he ever came,but he did come and did fulfill the Fathers plans.Praise the Lord!!!!! Thank You Jesus!

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