DayBreaks for 12/13/11 – Why Jesus Loves Us, Trust #10

DayBreaks for 12/13/11 – Why Jesus Loves Us, Trust #10

Loving like the Father loves...

From the DayBreaks Archive, dated 11/21/2001:

Perhaps the thing that makes it hardest for us to trust Jesus is that we don’t understand his motivation.  Why would, or should, he love someone like me?  It just doesn’t seem to make sense and since others have abandoned their affections for us when we have failed them or hurt them or let them down, we are tempted to think that Jesus will do likewise.  I suppose that as long as we are here on this earth, it is somewhat presumptuous for us to try to explain his motives.  But when Jesus explains why he loves us as he does, it takes all of our guessing out of the picture and gives us certainty – and certainty is central to the concept of trust.

Why was Jesus attracted to the unattractive, why did he desire the undesirable and love those deemed unlovely by human standards?  Why did he love all those losers, failures and no-accounts?  Because his Father does.  ‘I tell you most solemnly, the son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees the father doing: and whatever the father does the son does, too.’”  (Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust)

Get it?   Why was Jesus drawn to the lowly of the world?  Because God is drawn to them – the son only can do what He saw the Father doing, so if Jesus was drawn to the lowly and humble, it is because God was first drawn to the lowly and humble.  If Jesus loved the unlovable while he was here on earth, if he loved the sinners that surrounded him, we can only conclude that he loves us when we are unlovable and even through we are sinners, because it is what God does and Jesus can only do what he has seen the Father doing – and he never changes, he is the same yesterday, today and forever.  That means that he loved you and me yesterday, today and forever.  If he ever loved us, he loves us now and always will!

When you slip up – he still loves you.  When you do some act of kindness – he loves you the same.  Learn to rest in his love and trust comes a bit more easily.

If you feel the call of the spirit, then be holy with all your soul, with all your heart, and with all your strength.  If, however, because of human weakness, you cannot be holy, then be perfect with all your soul, with all your heart, and with all your strength. 

“But if you cannot be perfect because of the vanity of your life, then be good with all your soul…yet, if you cannot be good because of the trickery of the Evil One, then be wise with all your soul…

“If, in the end, you can neither be holy, nor perfect, nor good, or wise because of the weight of your sins, then carry this weight before God and surrender your life to his divine mercy.

“If you do this, without bitterness, with all humility, and with a joyous spirit due to the tenderness of a God who loves the sinful and ungrateful, then you will begin to feel what it is to be wise, you will learn what it is to be good, and you will slowly aspire to be perfect, and finally you will long to be holy.   

PRAYER: For showing us how the Father loves, we love you…and we thank you!!!!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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4 thoughts on “DayBreaks for 12/13/11 – Why Jesus Loves Us, Trust #10

  1. This is very nice and we all have our opinions of why Jesus came to earth and this ragamuffin, knows that God loves us so very much he sent his son to become sin and take our place on the tree for the sins of the world.When I think of Jesus and his birth I think of how long it has been since the beginning of the world till now and how lucky we are to be able to just have him and not have to wait for him to come like David and them had to yet they knew there would be a saviour for the world some day.They longed for this to happen for salvation to come by way of the Son(Lord) of God. We celebrate his coming and then his rising we are much more fortunate then the Prophets of old were,though the Holy Spirit still came on them to speak and prophesy to the people,all knew there would exist the real deal and you won’t find it under your tree but yo will find him living in your heart and the hearts of his people:) How great Thou art!

    • We are much more blessed because of what you said, and also the fact that in the OT it talks about God being “with” people…but in the NT about Him being “IN” us, via the Spirit. We are blessed, indeed!

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