DayBreaks for 11/29/11 – On His Mind, Trust #2

DayBreaks for 11/29/11 – On His Mind, Trust #2

You are always on His mind!

While Galen is preparing to move (and moving!) we’ll be publishing from the DayBreaks archive.  New DayBreaks will resume approx. 12/15/11.

From the DayBreaks archive, dated 11/07/01:

The first key to trust comes in this very simple passage from Luke 12:6-7: “Can you not buy five sparrows for 2 pennies?  And yet not one is forgotten in God’s sight.  Why, every hair on your head has been counted.  There is no need to be afraid; you are worth more than hundreds of sparrows.

As many times as I’ve read and heard this verse, I’d never heard it put this way until I read Ruthless Trust and Brennan Manning put it so simply: “God, by definition, is thinking of me.”  Sure, I know that God sees me and all that I do.  But doesn’t that also mean that He’s ALWAYS thinking of me?  And as a child of His, somehow I believe that when He does think of me (which is all the time), He smiles.  And as His child, when he thinks of you (which is all the time), He smiles.  Does that mean that at times He isn’t displeased with me?  No, of course not!  As parents we know better.  But my daughter is still my daughter, my sons are still my sons, and when I think of them I smile inside and out.  I hope that they don’t make mistakes, but nonetheless, they are mine – and I love them.  And I am His – and He loves me.

What does it mean to know that God is thinking of you all the time?  Several things:

FIRST: the obvious – there is never a moment that you aren’t on His mind.  He is aware of what is happening to you.

SECOND: because He is constantly thinking of you and aware of what is happening to you, He is always looking out for your well-being.  If a car were coming down the street towards your child as you watched them playing, you’d get them out of harm’s way.  Believe it or not (and I know there are times when it doesn’t FEEL like this is true) – God whisks His children out of harm’s way, too.  At moments, we’re sure that God failed to grab us because we got hit by the Mack truck coming down the highway of our life.  But trust tells us that it can’t possibly be true that He has abandoned us or that He isn’t doing what is best for us – even when it doesn’t seem or feel like it.  God just can’t do something that is ultimately harmful to/for His children.  Do you believe that?  That is trust – God can’t be tempted with evil and works all things for our good (Romans 8:28).

…this kind of trust is acquired only gradually and most often through a series of crises and trials.  Through the indescribable anguish on Mount Moriah with his son, Isaac, Abraham learned that the God who had called him to hope against hope was eminently reliable and that the only thing expected of him was unconditional trust.  The great old man models the essence of trust in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures: to be convinced of the reliability of God.”  (Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust)

If you’re struggling with the left-over pain of feeling like the truck has hit you going full speed, hold on.  Don’t give up.  Contemplate His promises.  Understand that you haven’t disappeared from His sight – not for one nanosecond.  And you haven’t disappeared from His mind – for this very moment, and every moment of your darkness – He is thinking of you.  He knows exactly where you are at.  He knows exactly what you are feeling.  He knows exactly how hard it is to hold on against the pain and darkness that is trying to swallow you up.  There is a purpose that may only become clear long after your present ordeals are over.  But when He shows it to you, you’ll nod, fall at His feet and praise Him for it and for His infinite wisdom.  But until then, will you trust Him?  He’s thinking about you, you know!

PRAYER: How delightful to know that You are always thinking of us!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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1 thought on “DayBreaks for 11/29/11 – On His Mind, Trust #2

  1. On His Mind:) This is the first for me also. I just wrote a whole lot and lost it, perhaps my wording was not what was meant to be. I do feel that if he is always thinking of us then we should all be more connected to each other. When I read this I did feel a very close connection to his children because he does this for all of us and loves all of us then things became more brighter for me and clearer almost as the colored glass went clear and I knew what was being said here.The closeness he must feel with all our hearts on Him all the time. How much closer for those who think of Him every minute of the day and how very connected we should all be in spirit and truth seeking not our own but what is best for all his children. Yes! I really liked this one because things came to me in such a different way.Now for the horrors of this life yes i have had many but the more I had the less it became a bother for me for each time it got lighter and each time I got closer to God and what this life was revealing through my suffering and trust in Him.we should be the closest thing to God being one in the spirit and we should really be able to feel the despair of each other like Jesus did so he laid hands on them and healed His hurt also.This is beautiful it is about connection trust and oneness with each other in spirit.Feeling so close that we can feel each others hurts and want a healing so bad that when we pray we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Greater things shall ye do if you believe,you shall say to that mountain be ye removed and it shall come to pass you shall heal in my name and do all works of the Father in my name.This is how we work together for the good of others Romans :8:28

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